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By cmdr114b
I have been looking at the SR20 and wondered if anyone here as any experience of this plane.
Can you use it 4 up with limited fuel and baggage?
Anything not to like?
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By Flyin'Dutch'
Runway and climb performance are lacking when loaded.

Nice enough but airframe really needs the bigger engine; don't know what the ratio is but suspect 20/22 is more thab 1:10.
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Great aircraft, but take a look at w&b as 4 up + fuel + baggage will be interesting. Useful loads vary depending on equipment and tend to run between 360kg and 410kg. Check MAUW performance if you are based somewhere short.

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By Pete L
On brief experience, the kit is amazing and it's the most wife-pleasing a/c of them all - very tempted with a share. But I preferred the C182 for it's air of brick sh*thouse and it's short field performance.
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By Jonzarno
Which model (G1,G2 or G3) and which avionics package (ARNAV, Avidyne or Garmin Perspective) are you looking at?
By baldwinm
I fly a SR20 based at Blackpool (another part of the same group that Bloomer tried).
As stated there is a group rule on flying from grass - it does seem to need a lot of power to make headway when taxiing on grass but I would imagine dry, short (the grass not the runway length) grass should be fine.

It's the generation 3GTS version with all the toys (Avidyne, 2*GNS430W,Terrain, Traffic, STEC 55X autopilot, Stormscope). It will take my family (two slimmish adults & two teenagers) with bags and enough fuel to be bladder challenging.

Personally after having flown it I don't want to fly anything else (apart from perhaps a SR22), for touring at least.
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By Morley
Brilliant aircraft. Much better value than the 22. You can get a bells and whistles G2 glass Cockpit 20 for 120k. A 22, essentially the same with a bigger engine, is a lot lot more.
Having said that I have decided to do up my CW instead of upgrading. Engine this year (Nicholson Mclaren) and paint/interior next with poss avionics tweak too.
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By cmdr114b
Thanks for all the advice.
I definitely like all the bells & whistles so it would need to be a good spec.
I will keep looking around, to see what's available in the market.
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By Sharpie
Bloomer wrote:..If the t&c did not ban using her on grass (another silly rule) ...

Isn't that because of the wheel spats?
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By scuderia
Sharpie wrote:
Bloomer wrote:..If the t&c did not ban using her on grass (another silly rule) ...

Isn't that because of the wheel spats?

No its beacause the pilots can't control their approach speed and arrive way to hot and snap them off.

Pretty much what G-BLEW said loved all my hours in Cirri 20 and 22.

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By Morgan
Death Trap :twisted:

Seriously, it's a great aircraft. Just do not overload it and do not take liberties with short runways on hot days