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By Slider
I enjoyed it and thought Martin Shaw did a good job.
The addition of the Extra had a different effect on me, it got me thinking that I really must do a formation course!
By tvflyer
As the luvvie filming in the back of the Navajo this forum makes interesting reading. Our CAA exemption - negotiated by 2Excel Aviation in a week or so - didn't extend to our Jetranger camera chopper. So, to reflect the speed and eye-watering proximity of the Peak District at 100ft agl, we opted to use the fixed camera pointing outboard from the rear seat of the Blades Extra. This gave us a shot of the Navajo and the landscape at once. Even if it were possible (the Navajo's a retractable) bolting a camera on the gearleg would have constituted a mod - four figures and weeks of paperwork. Some of the stories told in the film are well known to aviation historians but - I'd suggest - not to most general viewers who base their knowledge of the raid on the movie. That said, I don't think the story of schoolboy air gunner "Killer" Liddell is well known, nor is the way in which the Germans acquired details of the Upkeep bomb. I'm glad some of you enjoyed the programme - I'm pleased to say it attracted around 2.5m away from the X Factor!

Ian Cundall
Executive Producer, Dambusters Declassified (and PPL)
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By vintage ATCO
Thanks for posting, I enjoyed it! :thumleft:
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By George
Ian I'm familiar with the difficulties of shooting on location and think you made a fair fist of it. Us lot here are bound to be quite 'critical' when you see something that you think (given time and circumstance) could be better. Ok just one observation without sounding like a stuck record! If you had that clearance to fly low a cockpit view from the Extra looking through the prop would have given a better idea of the scary height they were flying at. There are hundreds of POV shots posted here and on YouTube showing just that from and don't require mods to the a/c.

Then with Martin's v/o showing his awe that would have made more of it than a mid shot looking back to him in the twin.

But it's always a compromise to some extent! Thanks for posting.
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Thanks for posting and thanks for the programme.
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By joe-fbs
As part of another Dambusters TV doc', someone in Canada has been using a DC4 to drop a replica bouncing bomb:

I heartily recommend (as I have done before) the rest of the Dambusters blog as well.
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By dawdler
I note that the company involved in the Dambustersblog event was "Buffalo Air" of Ice PIlots fame. That was another TV series I enjoyed. I wonder if they ever filmed a second series?
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By Tarnish
by BlackheathBloke » 13 Jul 2010 17:19

Second series is currently being filmed and is on TV in Canadia this autumn.