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Driving up the A41today north of Telford I saw a sign pointing to Child's Ercall Airfield, never heard of it before....looked on goggle and it appears to still have an airfield it still operational I wonder.

Yes, at least it was when I lived at Eaton Upon Tern (on the airfield boundary) last year. Rather infrequent vistors, I have a contact number if you are interested. The landing strip is the taxiway that runs ENE/WSW,-2.500398&spn=0.006058,0.009313&z=16
By proplover
That is the old RAF Peplow airfield which on the latest half mill chart is shown as 'active'. Just some 1-2nm the north west is the Navel Air Station of Hinstock and some 5nm to the South West is the High Ercall airfield. Must of been a busy area during the war!
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By kanga
details are under 'Peplow' in my (not very recent) Lockyears
I went there in May. Two runways 06/24 and 03/21, don't believe the lengths in AFE or Navbox (600 and 800m)!! Measuring it on google earth gives 450 and 330 respectively. I used 06 and there is a post about a metre high on the right side 50m in. No problem in a high wing but you'd clip it if you were too far over to the right in a low wing.