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By Mike Cross
You jammy b@st@rd! How did you wangle that?
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By Jim Jones
Nothing for months, then you have the cheek to turn up with the most envy engendering set of pics imaginable. Huh!

That's what you call an embellishment!

Nice to see you back. Done anything else ninteresting Timothy?
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By jerz
Timothy, don't tell us that you were abducted by that formation over this period of time that you've been missing? :wink:
Where did that lot appear from?

I note the Seneca ? in one of the pictures trying to muscle in on the scene, was it in loose formation with you or was he just lost?

Welcome back :D
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By Josh
Would I be correct in guessing that the old chap in the second photo has some first-hand knowledge of flying said military fighters?
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By Timothy
I guess having Geoffrey Wellum and Bob Foster in the back may have helped, who knows? :wink:
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By wessex boy
Great Pics Timothy, must have been something hearing those Merlins so close up
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By SteveC
Charles Hunt wrote:More cuts in the UK?

In the US if you bust Obama's airspace they send up F-15s!

That's because the yanks have no style............
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By Ridders
What no video T ?
:D :D :D :D
By Brooklands
So can we take it from Timothy's post the they now have WiFi in the Tower :)

Not a tiny bit jealous, more like VERY jealous.
By fuzzy6988
What on earth did you do?!? Did you bust restricted airspace?