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By Dave W
PB wrote:If someone can remind me how to send a PM...

Noting Rich's answer, but for future reference:

The easiest way is often to click in an existing thread on the avatar picture (or "No image") for the User you want to PM.

At the lower right of the pop-up that appears is a speech bubble, which takes you to a PM form already addressed to that user that you can then edit as necessary.
By Boxkite
PB wrote:If someone can remind me how to send a PM, I'll reply to the OP. I'm reluctant to post personal details and phone numbers on an open forum.

Why would you want to? the OP was 8 years ago.
By Boxkite
It was an honest question, no need to be so rude about it.
Many have responded to old threads not realising the dates, as an example look at the first page here and you will see that Jenny didn't realise, and Dave almost didn't.
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By joe-fbs
Another revival of this one. Has anyone got a recent contact for Roughay please that they could PM to me?

SkyDemon "Pilots' Notes" has a landline posted a year ago so I will also try that.

I want to collect our son from Bishops Waltham on Friday and, as far as I can tell, Lower Upham does not like visitors.

I do know the chap who runs Durley / Hall Farm from years ago but I am not yet quite ready for what looks like 400m and I'm not sure my Maule is the sort of thing they want disturbing the neighbours so Roughay I would like to try first.
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By joe-fbs
Thank you for the public and private replies.

To close-out this for future reference:
Roughay, no response to my enquiry.
Lower Upham, responded no visitors at all.
Southampton, seems to be still too expensive for my taste although that is based on internet reports, not actually checking direct.
Lee-on-Solent, has a hard closure at 1800 which would have put a time pressure on the end of a day that started with time pressure. The quality of my flying suffers under time pressure so I try to minimise it.
West Tisted, went there. It is a delightful and welcoming long runway private strip. Contact details in Lockyears and SkyDemon. It is very much a private strip and its occasional gatherings are strictly invitation-only. The owner did not mention a landing fee so I just put a tenner through the letter box as a gesture. Lockyears mentions a fiver but is quite old.
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