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By poetpilot
Check this website out for a true bush aeroplane - no., I'm not on commission...

and check the video out for a real rough country takeoff and landing (& bear in mind this is at 3750 feet AMSL)

PS: you'll need Quicktime to view the movie..

And while we are at it, check out this site for bush flying techniques:

Take care out there! 8)
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By MichaelP
I've seen this aeroplane!

Performance is a matter of power to weight ratio and wing loading. You can optimise a wing section to give you superb short field capability like the Zenair 801's, or superb cruise such as the Robin DR400 - 180 with the same engine.

Microlights perform really well because they have high power to weight ratios and poor but generally high lift wing sections.

The Mountain Goat has a major advantage over the Super Cub and Aviat Husky... volume!
But fill that volume with a moose or two and you might not perform to video!

Of course I want to fly a Mountain Goat in any case, I've only got about 120 types in my logbook.
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By Old Pilot
This type of flying is best found in the outback of Australia or Africa.

There are also a lot of people out there Poet who are claiming to be bush pilots but just want the glory.

Check out

I have met this guy. He has been in Thailand for several years and is just living the easy life on the back of his so called flying adventure. Check his route on his website. Easy life as Steve Wright used to say.

Maurice Kirk could knock him for six!!!

And good luck to true adventurers like Polly Vacher
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By MichaelP
Bush flying in Canada is exciting and dangerous...
Often bush pilots are newly minted CPL's, young and naive, flying overloaded and under maintained aeroplanes without the experience to make good decisions.


For the trip I did to Dawson City in March (-35 deg C AM, -17 deg C PM) I took the advice of experts, they are the pilots who survived.
I had an inexpert PPL in the right seat, with all the wrong ideas, and he was paying the bills and had more say-so, or so he thought!
It was a stressful flight, and in it I experienced some of the challenges the bush pilot has, flying in Canada's north.
I am relatively experienced, made the right decisions, and kept us all safe while achieving our objectives.
It was not pleasant, and in the end I wasn't paid anything for months, and then only 20% of what I'm owed.
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By Flyin'Dutch'

Still reading a lot at the moment and currently halfway through 'Fate is the Hunter'

For those that have read it your comments will ring very true, those that haven't, get it on next year's Christmas list.

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By Flyingfemme
I'm about four chapters in. Never read it before because the title gave a totally wrong impression of the content! Riveting!
By PeteM
Mountain goat or flight of fancy?

This aircraft design has been around for a long time, it hs yet to sell more than a handful and each of those has been very different.

Which is not to say that the pictures aren't interesting. Suggest trying the Supercub forum for some equally exciting places to land aircraft (and a bit of scuttlebut on the mountain goat!)
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By BlueRobin
Mountain Goat was reviewed 1997-ish by FLYER if you're interested.

FD's old mag collection is useful sometimes :)