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By riverrock
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There are no direct replacements to the AEIO-360 in the Bulldog fleet, which requires too high an octane number for any of the unleaded options on the market. Closest is the which would require serious work to install and we couldn't find any installed examples in the UK last time we looked.

EU REACH allows restricted chemicals to be used when there aren't viable alternatives while helping to find alternatives. With 70% of the use not having alternatives, future use is almost certainly going to be granted if requested.

As soon as UL100 is available in Europe, excuses go away and I suspect there will be a pretty quick transition away from 100LL.
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Oldfart wrote:The slow pace of progress does not look optimistic. Pity to scrap my Cessna 182Q, the Cont. 0-470U is high compression. Only takes 100LL.

Same issue here. I would consider 'upgrading' to the PPonk (called something else now), but don't think the STC paperwork for using UL has been done yet.