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By Dave W
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The restaurant is open for food until 2100 and drinks until 2200.

They have confirmed that so long as you arrive before the airfield closes at 1700 Tue-Sun, you can depart after 1700 (with no AGCS or fire cover). That's a Summer evening food destination sorted, then. :D ... wxYXJ1PHFl

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How refreshing to see out of hours departure allowed after your meal at Compton just using air to air and common sense .

Contrast with for example, Wycombe last year, promulgated closed for an hour due ATC shortage. Called for taxy 10 mins before closure, “Sorry unable, last movement is 15 mins before closure” Stuck for an hour and ten minutes, CAVOK weather.

What a difference the next day, refueling and lunch at a rainy Troyes, en route to another fine French destination. Air to Air only for a couple of hours while the ATC controller had a lunch break. During which we watched a B737 land after an RNP approach (LPV of course on both ends) and disgorge a full load of holiday-makers from N Africa. Watched of course by the ATC gentleman at lunch at an adjacent table, and gliding continued on the grass strip.
As in a previous post, “Another World!”
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