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By Dodo
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Well, unless the weather is much better than forecast tomorrow, I've done all the flying I'm going to do in 2021.

It has been rather more than I had feared at the beginning of the year when we were allowed one engine health flight every month.

In total,

90 hrs 55 mins logged
in 103 Flights
including IR(r), MEP and R22 renewal/revalidation tests.
in 5 aircraft of 3 types
and 14 airfields visited
(but only one new one amongst them, and no foreign trips).

So all in all, good in parts.

High spots were a shared trip to Newquay and the Scillies in a PA28 shareoplane.
Lumbering up to 10,000 ft in my Bolkow Junior
Renewing my Robinson R22 rating after a gap of a few years.

Low point was damaging the selfsame R22 by failing to ensure throttle fully closed on start-up on a subsequent flight :-(

I wonder what 2022 will bring.
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By AndyR
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You’ve done better than I have for SEP:

25:10 of which a dozen were either as instructor or examiner. That’s pretty poor. I need to do a spot of self promotion there methinks.

Total of 403:20 which is 44 hours up on last year (but still half of what I was flying) and though commercial at least all in GA types albeit a mixture of twins. Just under 100 hours as instructor for ME, a mix of turbine and piston.

One trip back from Spain and another from Portugal, both MEP, one in and out of icing, the other worrying about the foggy conditions back in the U.K. Lots in a privately owned T303 around the UK.

The highlight was a trip to Scotland in the Bulldog, sadly with a very low cloud base on the days we were going to explore the western isles, so a night in Glenforsa, an escape under a low cloud base to Oban and then IFR to Perth, but enjoyed the trip up there and back immensely.

The rest was just work, so doesn’t really count here, but hey it could’ve been worse had I been an airline pilot. My heart goes out to so many of them. And it’s still the best office in the world, whatever you’re flying.

2022, bring it on… :thumleft:
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By GrahamB
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91:00 hours all SEP.
24:00 hours instructing
12 instrument approaches
97 flights
84 TO/L
8 types

Highlights were getting my aircraft interior completely refurbished, and going to Oban with Mrs GB for a brilliant weekend with Grummany friends, which included getting Plockton as my only new airfield this year in the logbook.

Lowlights were not getting to Bonn-Hangelar for a Grumman fly-in, not using the aeroplane to get to my house in France, not getting to Freidrichshafen due Covid.

Edit: Updated since posting to add the sneaky 0:35 I got in this afternoon for the last flight of 2021.
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By Peter Gristwood
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All I can say is my 2021 hours (40) were well down compared with normal years, but a lot better than in 2020 (30).

No new airfields this year, and a shame so many airfields weren't available on Sundays and Mondays. And thanks to a combination of Covid and B****t, no foreign travel.

I still have hopes the LAPL issue will be resolved soon so trips to France could be an option for the near future. After all, that nice Mr Shapps has promised to make the UK the best place in the.... etc, etc

Fingers crossed for a better 2022
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By carlmeek
I did really well this year, perhaps fuelled by a need to fly after all the stoppages, I broke my own yearly record with 225 hours. Mostly SEP, 8 hours MEP, 50 hours rotary.

Fingers crossed it all continues. Next years goals are to fly in the states for the first time, try to get my helicopter license upgraded LAPL to PPL and then FAA 61.75’d

The only flying I’ve managed in the past few weeks is a Robinson R44 tourist ride around the Florida keys at very questionable altitudes! Let’s just say Americas 500ft rule isn’t taken as seriously as I take it myself. Same here in Disney world, helicopters going over at bonkers low altitudes, fabulous fun :)
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By TLRippon
259 hours all SEP
501 landings and take offs
22 hours at night, well that’s a record for a year, seems that every flight lately has been at night, can’t get away during the day.
146hours instructing which is a miserable total.

This has been a rubbish year for flying what with COVID, doing CPL full time groundschool and annoyingly having all my students pass their skill tests in quick succession during the late summer. It’s been a quiet second half.
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No, I didn't get airborne today either, and have no plans tomorrow, irrespective of the weather.

92:49 airborne, 3:00 simulator, 2:40 ground testing a prototype that's not yet ready to fly.

6 types, 7 with the ground testing.

22:18 IFR, no aerobatics (must do something about that latter).

A half decent (both for me, and for times of Covid) 19:13 instructing.

Mostly SEP, bit of MEP dual, bit of microlight, bit of CET (Centreline Electric Thrust). I hope to add to all three of those latter categories significantly in 2022. Mix of nosewheel and tailwheel.

Not unhappy, can always be improved upon.

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By Cookie
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Haven't totted up the hours yet, but a busy GA year for me conducting 5 initial instructor courses plus numerous instructor refresher training courses, 6 examiner courses, 22 instructor AoCs, 12 examiner AoCs, Skill Test/Prof Cx/IR 33, FAA Flight Review/IPC 17. That's excluding my own tests/checks/AoCs.

Great to meet so many forumites during the year despite COVID. Sadly, zero CAT except a bit of pleasure flying but looking forward to a return to more normal times soon!

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By Charles Hunt
A big fat zero, GA or commercial. :(

To remedy this I tried to buy a..a....a............flexwing.

but somebody got there first yesterday.
By JodelDavo
Not a bad year for me:

296:55 Total

153:50 SEP
17:50 MEP
125:15 SET

97:15 Tailwheel
199:40 Nosewheel

Unfortunately, I only got to fly my own pride and joy for 25hrs in 2021, due to other flying commitments, but it did get loved & fettled and had a new Transponder fitted.. Next year.........!
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By Dodo
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Charles Hunt wrote:A big fat zero, GA or commercial. :(

To remedy this I tried to buy a..a....a............flexwing.

but somebody got there first yesterday.

Hi Charles. I didn't think I should "like" this post but wanted to acknowledge it. I hope you have a better 2022.
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By Forfoxake
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Despite not flying P1 till 21st April:

117 hrs 40 mins logged
in 195 Flights
including NPPL revalidation test
in 3 types (all tailwheel) including one new type (Vagabond)
and 46 airfields visited
(including five new ones, but no foreign trips).

So more hours than normal!

High spots were the fly-ins at Kilkeel and Lambholm.
First visit to Glasgow International.
First visit to the wonderful Beccles.

Low point was taking 1:30 to fly to Kirkbride (57nm straight line) though when weather improved the same day, only took a further 2:45 to fly to Beccles (226 nm straight line).
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