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By FLYER Jonny
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In the February 2022 issue of FLYER

Who would ever have guessed a nosewheel Cub would be more popular than a tailwheel version? CubCrafters did, with its latest NXCub, as Christof Brenner reports…

Thinking about adding an Aerobatics Rating to your PPL? You can find out how Leia Fee did just that with Ultimate High…

Some people have difficulty accepting advice, even when it comes from very experienced individuals. When that advice is about flying, novice pilots ignore it at their peril, as Safety Editor Steve Ayres explores in Accident Analysis

Aviator and figurative painter Susie Whitcombe soloed on the same day as her husband… find out more in our First Solo interview…

Chris Bullock and Lee Wilson overfly UK motor racing circuits in honour of Sir Stirling Moss – and raise money for charity. Read all about their daring do in this issue’s Flying Adventure

In Top Gear, Ed Hicks tests two active CO detectors, the Sensorcon AV8 Inspector and Inspector Pro

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