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I think you can only hold out hope that your next wife and the family you have with her are suitably screened to ensure that they will want to go flying with you at every opportunity. I often tell my current wife that she is lucky to have me and wouldn't be able to do any better. I suggest you try the same and the problem you have will disappear in quick order.
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Thanks all for your helpful and insightful replies. Some very good suggestions here.

Alas, my wife is not one for camping. Not unless it's camping in a substantial brick building with a proper bed, where someone comes in and turns down your sheets each day and they serve you a hot breakfast from a restaurant. Personally, I LOVE it and will definitely be taking each kid with me (was thinking of Branscombe Farm down in Devon as an option there).

In terms of taking my OH, I think Perranporth is a good shout for later in the year when she has a bit more confidence, but until then Lee on Solent will be added to the list. I've never been and it's not too far, which ticks all the boxes.

In seriousness, this is quite a hard one to get right. I don't know about you, but also with kids these days it feels like it's more of a battle than it really should be. I mean: they are literally non-plussed that their dad has an aircraft: growing up, I would have felt so lucky! It is quite sad how strong an appeal the iPad / games console is versus adventure. Sad times indeed.

Anyway, lots of great ideas here, thank you!
Only suggestions:
  1. Make the journey itself interesting to them (not necessarily to you), so divert the route for better things to see on the ground.
  2. Introduce them to basic map reading so they can answer your "are we nearly there yet?"
  3. Let them know you'd really like to share the pleasure but why don't they want to? You could try asking them the answer to "I'd love to come flying with you but..."
  4. Accept flying's your passion but seemingly not theirs; maybe try to develop an interest in one of their passions (so experiencing it from the other side, so to speak).
If you are new in a syndicate, remember to show where sick bags are just in case, and not to exceed any of the occupants' bladder ranges, and make sure they know how to get a stream of fresh air on to some exposed part of the body- even putting a wrist by a cool air vent is often a good cure for queasiness, and course, seeing it means that you get early warning of potential problems without havibg to wait for them to tell you.
If trying to increase "interest", I would not go too far at first, but of course include something worth looking at, eg coasts, if they appeal,
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PeteSpencer wrote:I guess you've never had to include small kids in any of your 'adventure' equations...... :lol:

Deliberately not, having read at an early age and taken to heart the neat embossed lettering around the lid of the Harpic tin


The lovely Sandra made it quite clear at a very early stage of our relationship that she would try aviation and motorcycling but NOTHING that involved tents and communal showers or babies.

That said, I did previously acquire a temporary stepson whose mother was equally unimpressed with anything involving canvas and damp sleeping bags.

I am sure my cyber-daughter might give it a try, but I really would rather not, even with her company. And at thirty-something I'm not sure she falls into the category of small child.

We appear to have inherited a ten-year old for the weekend and I am hoping I can tempt him away from Fortnite or Minecraft (I forget which) long enough to teach him the joys of beer and talking rubbish, but please don't tell his Dad.

Rob P
I think folk have to make their own choice. Either you have the seed or you don't. If one does have 'the seed' it only has to be watered once. Of my daughters, one loves Aeroplanes and skydiving, the other is largely indifferent. They both had equal exposure to aircraft from their earliest years.??

Nowt wrong with presenting the activity in a favourable light though.
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flyingearly wrote:Thanks all for your helpful and insightful replies. Some very good suggestions here.

In terms of taking my OH, I think Perranporth is a good shout for later in the year when she has a bit more confidence, but until then Lee on Solent will be added to the list. I've never been and it's not too far, which ticks all the boxes.

We went to Lee (sorry - Solent) on Wednesday. Nice place, and not posh. You can challenge your missus to help work out what the FISO there is saying; neither I nor my mate (in separate planes) could. And be very careful not to bust the adjoining Fleetlands ATZ - they have their MOR pad kept in easy reach. There's a huge solar farm that is a good marker for how close you can get. The beach (light shingle) is 100m from the airfield exit door and a pleasant place for a quick dip. There is a beachside refreshment "shack" but I reckon the airfield cafe was better. Next door is a big hovercraft museum, but we couldn't work out if it was open.

From Rochester, the White Cliffs of Dover are a good sight for kids. Get them to take pictures and then build them in Minecraft.
I think @Rob P has it when he says that the key is to make flying "the escape to somewhere nice" option.

I would say the first flight should be a short local, different perspective, look at the house sort of thing, making sure its a gin clear zero turbulence day, all about the flying itself.

After that, flying should be about the destination. First a day trip of only an hour or so each way where you make sure that its something they would want to do and even better if driving there would have been a real pain. Then an overnight or weekend away, 2-3 hrs each way all about the destination, preferably abroad or somewhere tiring to drive to for a weekend.

Regards, SD..
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We (Me, Wife, Boy (11) Girl(12) ) have been going to Meaux or Lognes at least once a year for Disneyland, still the only route they have any interest in. I find it amazing how concentration on a tablet with Roblox or the like on it will prevent even the thought of needing the loo on a two hour journey.
We are off to Blackpool today for the Boy’s birthday. Pleasure beach is beaconing. We’ve done Southend for Adventure Island, worth a trip with kids. Go to Lee on Solent a couple of times a year as the beach is a short walk and of course Skegvegas, if you like tattoos and fights (Joking). Lots of space on the very wide beach so the kids love the usual sandcastle related malarkey there and the chips.
Longest we go is LaRochelle in one hop. 2.75hours hasn’t been a problem since they were about 5 years old. Usually the conversation goes, did you go to the bathroom, yes, ok let’s go. Five minutes later as you are on the climb out, “I need to pee”! I find Oasis bottles work best for the boys.
Wife usually falls asleep for most of the flight and wakes to ask “are we there yet” at regular intervals.
Unfortunately the dog has been lost to the weight and balance so he goes to the puppy minder nowadays but he is a seasoned GA traveller for family outings. He sat between the kids on the back seat and maintained order.
If you'd like a lovely setting, we really enjoy Oaksey Park. Either a picnic under the trees, or a short walk down a Cotswold lane to a charming pub. Friendly, beautifully kept, low key and lots of free airspace around there too, so low hassle factor with passengers wanting to ask questions on the way!