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By Iceman
The last time that we had a fly-in to Cardiff was when Carole P was still there as ATC. We got a visit to the tower and radar rooms. Overdue for another visit.

Iceman 8)
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By Paul_Sengupta
I used to be based there, but if my aeroplane's all permitted, I might fly in. Remind me to be in Guildford that weekend or I'll have to drive 2.5 hours from Wales to my aeroplane to fly back again! :D
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By kanga
A few years ago Cardiff heliport had an open day and charity fly-in. I know an autogyro pilot for whom the 300m runway would have been quite adequate, and emailed to ask about flying in. He never got a reply. Not posh enough, perhaps :wink:
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By MikeB
Shoestring Flyer wrote:Anyone have any knowledge of the current food situation/and or options at Cardiff either on that day or normally if flying in?

Current options are
a) Bring sandwiches
b) Get a taxi to somewhere

Hopefully the on-site Cambrian Bar and Restaurant will have reopened for visitors by the time of the fly in
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By Cookie
Booked for Saturday. Look forward to seeing some of you there. Cookie
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By Fellsteruk
I’m booked for Sunday in a Warrior, I emailed about the notam re flight plan.

They said they are trying to get something arranged for the two days with NATS, I’m guessing an exception to save the hassle. Failing that Aeros will be on hand to support with filing plans.

Which for me is good as it would be the first one I’ve done and all the stuff from my ppl theory is a little fuzzy :)