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SUNDAY FORECAST UPDATE: This message has been emailed to all pilots receiving the free weekend forecast email (free to join by sending a blank email to )

Good morning,

I know many of you plan to fly this weekend and so a change to the forecast for Sunday is not welcome!

However, I thought it important to let you know that the forecast for Sunday has altered.

We now expect an area of rain to be passing through Wales and southwest England tonight. The area of rain, low cloud, drizzle and murky looks set to be through the Midlands, Wales, central and southern England Sunday morning.

It mya be that some heavier and thundery bursts develop within the main rai area across the Midlands, Wales, southern England and East Anglia into the afternoon.

Below are the 6-hour rainfall amount charts for Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon. Purple colours showing the heavier rain cells (from our colleagues at ).

Ireland and Scotland are better with dry conditions, sunny spells and a few showers in the east later.

Sorry if this is not the news you wanted to see, but thought it better to keep you updated!