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Today, 1 June 2021 marks the launch of a 1-year trial of ‘VHF LL Common’ an information service on the VHF Frequency 130.490. The aim is to reduce the risk of Mid-Air Collision between aircraft operating at or below 2000’ Above Ground Level. It is available for use by all aircrew, military and civilian, operating in the UK Low Flying System. ... ncy-Trial/

The military already have two UHF frequencies for low level blind calls, mainly helicopters in my neck of the wood. Will they now go over to this VHF freq?
vintage ATCO wrote:The military already have two UHF frequencies for low level blind calls, mainly helicopters in my neck of the wood. Will they now go over to this VHF freq?

Yes, for the 12 month period of the trial, according to the Mil. Document referenced on the CAA site.
Will this apply (I think I know the answer) to the Cousins screaming in low level (sorry, recovering ) to Lakenheath from their N Sea playgrounds?

I guess this just refers to promulgated low level areas but I'd sure be happy if Wattisham's Apaches would use it!..

Particularly now that Knettishall is on the military charts !!!! Yay.!
It is probably just me but I don't get it.

Today for instance I was bimbling around Suffolk and Essex. Sometimes below 2000 ft, sometimes above. Nobody to talk to on the radio, I even tuned in to listen to London Info just to make certain the radio was still receiving.

Under this new system, how many calls was I supposed to make on the common frequency? My track looked like a drunken snail's so there was no logical place that would be useful to the Hawks from Valley entering the Mach Loop.

Confused? I am.

When safe and suitable to do so - Safe all the time, suitable? No idea.
When entering/exiting the Low Flying System - Well I was bobbing up and down a lot of the time so that gives me lots of opportunity I suppose.
At turning points or significant heading changes - Lots of those
Approaching well-known and recognisable physical features - Lots of those too. Bungay Museum, Southwold, Bentwaters disused, Woodbridge disused, Harwich docks, Nayland International, Sudbury town, Rougham, Eye, etc ...
Any time it is considered beneficial to the safety of the aircraft - At last one that didn't apply

Rob P
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This seems to me to be a very odd thing to do! More unthought through thinking! :roll:
We already have Safety Com on 135.480 that most pilots within a few miles and well below 2000ft use when close to an unmanned airstrip so why oh why do we need yet another frequency to add to the mix! :evil:
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Bilko , 'Flat Dorset' .... bit like mountainous E Angular ..... hat , coat , door ..

We deffo get lots of mil coming around the local hills , up the col between one hill and another , and pushing over some hiltops . Never mind Herks LL back from Poole Harbour , Hawks on FAC training attacking hillforts ; and Helis trying to put our fire out by blowing down the 'chimbley .
Long may they all continue .

rgds condor , N Daarset .
Is there a chart giving an overview of the low flying areas?

In principle I am all in favour of an area based common frequency for all users, rather than risk running into a glider/helicopter/microlight/whatever who may all be giving position information on a different frequency.
matthew_w100 wrote:Isn't the Low Flying Area also called "everywhere"?

When I learnt to fly in the early 90s in EastAnglia military fast tin was active at Bentwaters ,Woodbridge, Wattisham, Honington , Coltishall,Marham Lakenheath and Mildenhall and the mantra drummed into us studes was

‘After takeoff get above 2000ft as fast as possible and stay there.’

Kinda stuck with me I guess :roll: :shock:

Indeed a pair of Tornadoes recovering to Honington flew under us during my NFT just west of Bury and student C 150 from Norwich was taken out by an A10 from Bentwaters IIRC in 1990s
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