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By townleyc
mick w wrote:
Or perhaps use our Pictures of our Faces as Avatars , as you have done :lol: :wink:

That would only go so far - that is actually an Italian cartoon of the late King Edward VI

Mind, not that far off...

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By mick w
Ben Twings wrote:
mick w wrote:One for BenTwings

You've got the wrong one Mick.

This was me:


Oh ok , reg :?:
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By Awful Charlie
Iceman wrote:I’m just wondering whether or not that Piper Arrow on the right is the former mount of @AwfulCharlie ?

Iceman 8)

Yep, my first aircraft, for which I was the custodian Nov '98 through the end of '08. Happy to see it is still active and getting used :D