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By Oldfart
A mate had advance notice hence the publication date. SFC to 3000ft over the venue. And FL100 and below over most of Conwall including Lands End and to just east of Bodmin. Presumably Flying Clubs etc. get exceptions through the local Police?
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By Dave W
Between 2259 hours on 6 June 2021 and 2259 hours on 9 June 2021

Between 2259 hours on 9 June 2021 and 2259 hours on 13 June 2021:

It seems unfortunate, and a potential Gotcha, that the airspace restrictions in the AIP SUP document that @2Donkeys links to are not also included in the main AIC M 038/2021.
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By Tim Dawson
The main restricted area NOTAM has now been published and is visible in SkyDemon if you plan a flight for those dates.
By Ibra
Had a brain fart...I guess one can still fly above in wood & fabric but they need to talk to Western Radar to get TMZ clearance in that corner :roll:
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By AlanM
xtophe wrote:Nope. All airspace above FL100 in TMZ.

Almost all airspace above FL100 requires the mandatory use of a transponder. (There are some agreed, excepted areas for Gliders)

It is not a TMZ! :roll:

@Ibra - when was the last time you had any comms with Western Radar?
By johnm
Terrible thing when people thing they're important :roll:

Actually rephrase that: It's a terrible thing when people are thought to be important enough to inconvenience others :roll:
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By AlanM
On a positive note....

At least it isn’t in the Midlands or the South/South East where people actually fly. And the UK doesn’t get to host it for a long time after this.