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By Peter Kelly
Does anyone here know wher I might find any information on the undoubted forthcoming Notam for the G7 summit in Cornwall?

I'm trying to plan my weekends and I suspect Cornwall my be an effective aviation no-go zone for the duration of the summit and some days either side of it.
By Peter Kelly
Thanks. With a hotel full of political royalty, and POTUSA in town it's inconceivable that there won't be a TRA (RAT). I'm just trying to establish its temporal and geographical limits. If nothing else 'they' will want to keep drones away...
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By peter272
BBC have just had an item on Spotlight. 3 areas around Culdrose, St Ives and Newquay closing off a lot of Cornwall and a lot of camera drones and armed police.

'Sorry for any inconvenience'. Yeah.

Who said it was a great idea to invite the great and the good to Cornwall? I wish them typical Westcountry weather
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Cloudhound wrote

I’ve seen AIC 026/2021 establishing an airway from BHD to Newquay but that’s all.

AIC 026/2021 appears to be about the (very welcome) changes to VMC minima in Class D airspace.

I don't seem to be able to find an AIC that details a temporary CTA. Does anyone have a reference please?

By low&slow
It's an AIP supplement, not an AIC, although you won't find it in amongst all the other supplements. NATS like to hide the more important stuff in plain sight in the vertical menu on the main page.

The shape & altitude of area A suggests another big chunk of airspace around Newquay.
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By AlanM
It will make the temporary airspace with controlled access for HMQ look pithy.

The sign on The Tamar Bridge westbound that says “CLOSED” between Oct-Mar can be put up again for June.

Avoid avoid avoid. I was in France for the last G7........ :oops:
By Ibra
I recall on Aug2019, the G7 was in Biarritz, we flew 2 weeks earlier from Almeria to SanSebastian, I was told the whole Biarritz airspace was going to be no-go one week before (you can argue Biarritz is no-go for piston GA in summer since Wright Brothers :lol: )

Newquay has no controlled airspace or airways around all the way to FL195, so big chunk of Cornwall airspace will "get reserved" to connect to Class C above: 70nm-100nm radius (2deg-3deg) would be your first guess :eye:
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By skydriller
NickGribble wrote:Try this: ... 503_en.pdf

Oh yeah... geographic coordinates...effin cool.... :ncool: :ncool:

The DGAC just loves restricted areas for exercises but at least they have a bloody map!! :guns:

(Not that I think I will be affected, but hey, general Notam/AIP-SUP gripe... :ncool: )
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By skydriller
AlanM wrote:Chill! It isn’t the NOTAM, just the legislation detailing what is to come.

...Hey, Im next to the pool man... 8) with an aperro... :drunken:

Regards, SD.. :thumleft:
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By Peter Kelly
I’ve just driven into Falmouth and the car parks are already closed. Summer has finally arrived and it’s half term. So much for the G7 being good for business…

I’m amazed that a week out from the likely implementation date the notam is still not published. Surely the security people have this stuff worked out months in advance? Or are they just making it up as they go along like the rest of our so called government and civil service?

I’ve planned around it all and will make myself scarce for the likely duration. More money lost to the Cornish economy.