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It's a solution looking for a problem - which I don't believe exists.

I've met him and viewed the equipment. While it looks fun to "have a go" with it, I don't see any real world application for either military or civilian. As for amusement, they don't (nor have plans) to allow the public to fly it except for a short go with a tether. There are plans for some trained guys to race around over a lake as viewing entertainment, but I don't foresee that being a success.
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I can't wait for the 'saving puppies / delivering medical supplies' blurb, the new conspicuity code, the entreatment to accept sharing airspace. Hold on! It's here in my sandbox, along with the cat litter and, well .... let's not go there.
Looks a reet good laugh but I’d want immediate access to my weapon if boarding a vessel of uncertain erm... occupancy.

Also the kit must get hot as the hobs of hell. Be mighty embarrassing setting fire to or melting the finish on the deck of some oligarchs super yacht as you drop the kit off to introduce yourself and shake hands! :D
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By TopCat
It would be great if you're James Bond, as the script will give him time to blast the bad guys with the jets and thus knock them over for just long enough for him to get his gun out.

Or aim his body-mounted weapon using eye-tracking on his HUD.
Don’t scratch your nose while airborne!
If these engines can produce that amount of thrust why not use a one man vehicle?
Anyone remember the flying dustbin?