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Just wondering if anyone has had a LAPL Medical with their GP.

With the latest CAA Cellma system it would appear that the GP logs on to the Cellma system and progresses through the examination questions.

However, I believe my GP is having difficulty with registering on the Cellma system.

It would be good to hear of other LAPL Medical pilots experience with this new system.

Once you register on Cellma there is a link marked Medical as a Medical professional. I have no idea if this is the one that can be used by GPs but might be worth a try. ( See screenshot below). If you can find an AME willing to do a LAPL medical for you it would be much easier. (DOI Retired AME and GP).
Hi - I thought of that and clicked the link but the computer said 'No' I'm not registered for that service. I am wondering how a GP would get registered as I believe (but not sure) that AME pay CAA to be registered and thereafter an annual payment. If this is so I don't think GP's would want to pay subs for the small number of LAPL medical they would do. In my GP case this 2 pilots every 2 years.

I've had another look.
go to
and there is a page that shows this, half way down...

clicking the link "GPS undertaking LAPL certification"
opens this box

and clicking the access cellma link opens this page
which looks like this

which I can only assume, is the form the GP has to fill in with their own details (not the applicants).

Historically the CAA never charged GPs for this nor required them to register in order to do LAPL medicals but I am retired and may be out of date.
Thank you for all the replies.

However, my GP still can't progress through the procedure as stated in the GP Workflow document.

Please view my GP's observations of the process :

Hello John,

I have just spent another half hour being frustrated by the convoluted website requirements. I will try again next week. They seem to have designed an impenetrable system to try out on us busy and distracted GP Guinea pigs!

These are harsh words from my GP.

I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who has been through this process with their GP - successful or not successful (as in my case).

Regards John