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Hi flyers

I have a lapsed PPL with experience mainly on Cessna 150 and 152 with c. 80 hours total time.

I am keen to get back into flying and have chosen the Ikarus C42 to train in mainly from a budget perspective.

Based on your experience and/or knowledge, please advise me re: how long do you think I will need to:

a) Do differences training?
b) Go solo?
c) Convert to an NPPL after passing the relevant practical test/s?

It will really depend on how long since you've flown, and how quickly you pick things back up again.

However the c42 is a great little aircraft and shouldn't really take much to transition from a 152. They are lighter and affected by wind and turbulence more.

I would think the time would be very similar to what it would take for going back up in a 152.
Welcome back!
It's pretty much impossible to answer with any degree of accuracy I'm afraid. But I think regaining currency will be the biggest part. You'll find a C42 perfectly fine.
Your best bet is to get to a school and have an hour with an instructor specifically with the intention of getting them to assess things to answer your questions.
To give you an idea I've got people converted to micros and resoloed in as little as five hours. For longer times away from it, it could take much more (you don't say how long you've been away).

PS I see I've crossed with proteus and that we're saying the same thing.
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By MattL
Think carefully about how you want to progress and whether you want to get an SEP rating renewed and then do differences on micro lights or whether you are going to try and obtain an NPPL M - the school may not be able to do the first if they are just micro lights.