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By Rob P

Don't you hate it when you're in a relationship and they keep banging on about the Ex?

Rob P
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By Highland Park
The sentiment is admirable, but with my pedant’s hat on, if I’d ever written and issued a letter with that standard of grammar on behalf of my employer, I would be strung up.

Why, oh why is it now impossible to simply talk to others? No, we/you have to “reach out”. That really, really gets under my skin. I know it’s a very minor thing but... :evil:

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By Cookie
I have to say that I appreciate the humour embedded within these informal and open communications whilst raising serious underlying issues which are in need addressing.

Miner errors in grammar is entirely acceptable.

ATB Cookie
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By TopCat
CAA wrote:But drones are another airspace user just like all the others

Actually, no they aren't.

CAA wrote:Some of our colleagues have been individually targeted with abusive behaviour and I know you share our view that it isn’t right

Totally agree. But based on my own very limited experience, I'm not convinced this is the one-way street that the statement implies.
By johnm
The attitude demonstrated in the reply is mildly encouraging, let's hope we can build on the little glimmer of light and well done @G-BLEW for taking the initiative.

The alphabet soup hint is one that perhaps the likes of BMAA, AOPA and LAA might like to have a think about....
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By Rob P
TopCat wrote:
CAA wrote:But drones are another airspace user just like all the others

Actually, no they aren't.

Quite so. Uniquely in aviation, the 'pilot' is never at any personal risk to his safety. That is a vast difference and needs to be acknowledged and remembered.

Rob P
By johnm
I have never forgotten the comments made by some military avionics engineers in 1990s.

"The problem is that Air Marshall Biggles and his idiot mates insist on putting pilots in military aircraft, it makes them less manoeuvrable, way more expensive and a lot less expendable......."
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By Bald Sparrow
A humorous reply??

At first I thought this was a late April Fool that Ian had written himself. Has it really been issued by the CAA??

I have to say that, without a name and with a smiley face included, this reads as if it is written by someone in the media office at the CAA communicating with colleague in the media. “We hear from GA stuff like ‘Am I allowed to shoot them down?’” I have never heard a GA pilot say that.

Yes, let’s talk. But, anonymous CAA humourist, tell us how. “We have so many touchpoints” Only this week, colleagues have told me of attempts to contact someone at the CAA who is willing to answer specific questions from aviation professionals seeking advice about licensing because the website is seriously out of date in many places.
Engagement is a two-way street.
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