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By RisePilot
One note, the newer model GoPros must have the battery door removed (or buy a GoPro Mod Case) to charge while simultaneously recording - not ideal outside an aircraft. However, this can be solved by an aftermarket battery door for about £10.

For helicopters this is easy as virtually every helicopter has an air vent near the front nose - needing only about 2 inches of external cable to reach the camera. I assume fixed-wing air vent locations differ greatly

Also, on a side note, whether you post your videos as public or private, I'd suggest having a look at Vimeo. It's better quality, more flexible, does not restrict your music choices and all-around better. In brief, Vimeo is for professionals/enthusiasts whereas YouTube is for any idiot with a camera.
By PA28
I use a Go Pro hero 5 session bought off ebay for £100. Great camera. Works well mounted to cockpit roof looking forwards using velcro. Not in the way of your view out. One of my students saved a fortune learning to land in just a few hours by recording each flight with a Go Pro.
I use my dashcam from car--a nextbase. plugged into cigar lighter.
Excellent picture---adequate to give you a basic recording.
If you want something more specific for aircraft plenty of good advice above.