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I've been thinking about this, prompted by another thread, and would be interested in others' experiences and views.
It used to be that renting microlights was not allowed, so if you wanted to fly you joined a group or bought your own aeroplane. This culture still persists to an extent and when I was involved we took the view that the potential disruption to business if a renter didn't return on time or bent it was too great, so we didn't do it.
There are other barriers - individual aeroplanes have to be notified to the CAA and insurance premiums are huge.
Some clubs/schools do rent, but only to people who they have trained. I'm not aware of any that allow anybody with a licence to book, turn up and have a check flight, and then go off in a rented aeroplane.

As the 600kg weight limit takes effect I'd expect the rental business to grow.

What do you think?
Have I got it right?
Do you rent microlights? Does it work for you or is it a stop gap until you get to own one?
What about availability?

Thanks for your comments
Probably dropping myself in it here but it's my understanding from the law that you can only hire or rent an aircraft which has a C of A and microlights operate on a PTF.
The CAA try to assist here by saying that PTF aircraft can be 'owned' by up to 20 shareholders who may each 'own' more than one share and/or own shares in more than one of the aircraft if the club has more than one.
Microlight clubs I've operated with have had more than one aircraft of the same type and if the one in which you had a share wasn't available, would let you take one of the others (but I didn't say that)
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Paul_Sengupta wrote:You might be a little behind the time, Chevvers...

It's been allowed for some years now.

Yes that's why I said I may be dropping myself in it but what are the rules nowadays?
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By kanga
Paul_Sengupta wrote:..

It's been allowed for some years now.

ISTR similar rules applied to autogyros (also PtF but LAA not BMAA); I don't know if they still do. When the only gyro pilot I know was starting, the effect was that while learning he had to learn (dual or, when authorised, solo) in an aircraft owned by his Instructor; but to continue after qualification he had to join (in his case form, with others who had recently learnt from the same FI) a syndicate around an aircraft which came up for sale. There was no 'club' and no 'self-fly hire'.
By Ibra
Seems like a very slim & exclusive market unless you buy a share or own one? I was looking to rent Microlights for grass stripping after I got bored from aeroplanes, turns out to be a lot of hassle, most people who fly microlights are "aircraft owners" and not "buisness owners" and microlights will prefer the fleet to stay under their line of visual sight (well they have no transponders, so you can take one to Svalbard without owner being happy with that or notice it :lol: ), the other disadvantage is overnight stay is tricky as you can't leave a fragile airframe parked outside in strong winds, rain under the heat...

I end up getting into SLMG/TMG or SEP tailwheels to have a bit of that fun but it's also one day hire, wood & fabric does not survive well outside homebase :lol:

There are two outfits near east/west London that give the keys, but pricing is way to steep vs a CoFA aircraft but for a techy guy they may fall in love with the shinny avionics screens !