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By chris_web01
I've been studying for my PPL air law exam and this question keeps cropping up on different exam apps i have. Some say overtake on the left and others say either side as long as you provide enough separation, is some information out of date? What is right??? :shock: :? :?
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By Iceman
When I did my PPL in the mid 90s, it was overtake on the left on the ground, on the right in flight ? Have things changed since then ?

Iceman 8)
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By Rob P
Their right? Or with the slower aircraft on your right?

Rob P
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By WelshRichy
Rob L wrote:Who's in so much of a hurry?

I have always wondered this!

CloudHound wrote:A taxiway wide enough for two aircraft to be side by side?

And this!

I suppose I could be persuaded if I know cake is on the menu. :lol:
By chris_web01
WelshRichy wrote:It’s a SERA change, SERA.3210 (d)(1)(iii) where an overtaking aircraft on the ground can do so left or right. The slower aircraft has right of way just like they did before. In the air it’s still to the right.

Thank you!
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By Charles Hunt
I can't remember very much, so hope to find common sense, possibly aided by visual imagery.

If an aircraft is stopped on the right of the taxiway in front of you, then overtaking on the right would probably put you onto the possibly soft grass, so to stay on the hard surface you would overtake on the left.

In the air we should pass to the right. If we overtook on the left we might run into someone coming the other other way avoiding the a/c just in front of us. It therefore makes sense to overtake on the right.

[Edit - Should have said this was how I remembered the 'old' rules. If you can now go either side on the ground that just makes life easier.]
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