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By AndyR
A friend and I are planning a trip in June to incorporate an overnight in Glenforsa, an old favourite and one I’ve stayed at a few times over the years, both by road and air.

Assuming we can acquire enough avgas to be able to fly the trip, the day we leave Glenforsa we fancy doing some island hopping (I’m aware of the requirement to have COVID tests for the islands).

The initial planning brings up a dozen airfields including:

Knockbain Farm
Newhall Mains
Perth for overnight stop.

Any other ideas from those more local to Scotland, have I missed any must do airfields?

I’m assuming avgas at Oban but appreciate that’s not guaranteed so would probably/possibly have to drop Into Inverness for a splash and dash unless we can obtain fuel in Benbecula or Plockton.

This will be in June, so lots of daylight available though Perth may be our limiting factor or we could overnight in Inverness I guess, but I’ve done that many times with work.

All ideas considered.
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What are you flying? If reasonably short-field, the lovely strip at Bute might be useable, particularly in an easterly.

There are also, of course, Colonsay, Islay, Skye (Broadford) and Stornoway. And, on the mainland, Knockbain Farm which reportedly does BnB.

There is a new cafe at Fife/Glenrothes and they have Avgas there, including cheap UL91 atm. Cumbernauld has Avgas too.

If you want to top-up cheaply before you cross the border, try Kirkbride:

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By Forfoxake
PS Do not miss the trip up/and or down the Great Glen. And if you are up as far as Dornoch, consider going to Orkney. Plenty of island strips there! And I understand that Tommy Sinclair is having a fly-in on Lamb Holm on 26/27th June.
By Forfoxake
Shoestring Flyer wrote:Don't forget to take Midge repellant and/or complete face covering!....Anytime after early June particularly up the west coast they can, and will, make your life a real misery if not prepared!

Wise words but for most people, the midges are not as bad as their reputation.

I have never needed a repellent, but some people swear by Avon's skin so soft.
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By James Chan
I've found the west of Scotland being the most beautiful including Skye and Mull.
On east side, flying straight down Loch Ness would be interesting!

Just avoid landing at Edinburgh Airport unless you have some ££££ to burn - everything else should be fine. (Glasgow has also reduced its rates)
Not sure what your flying, but Stornoway had hangarage available for visitors last time I checked also, if you can afford a longer stop.
Don't know if Castle Kennedy will be available again by then (it's an overflow Brexit lorry park) and Cumbernauld can be a fuel stop.
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