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Not wishing to pre-empt the facts but what little publicity was given to the incident would seem to indicate that it failed to gain height following a touch and go, so maybe didn't get to the height where a parachute would have been useable.

However, lets all wait and see the report before becoming 'Experts'.
G-BLEW wrote::clown:
TLRippon wrote:......and up goes all our policies a little

Not sure I follow


Because in a recent thread on why insurance renewal quotes were going up in price, an insurance insider noted that even though aircraft were grounded during lockdown, the accident rate had not fallen in 2020, in fact it had risen due to out of currency pilots taking to the air afterwards. The premiums were directly linked to the value of losses, not the number of lockdown flights.
This loss of an expensive hull will, by the logic used by the insurance companies, raise all our premiums a little.