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By JonathanB
Popped over to Maypole as it happens, not one person we spoke to enjoyed seeing the whites of the eyes of some young budding pilot coming into land 45ft above their houses.
have some understanding for the 750 plus residents and their now threatened businesses and health, and all for the sake of 20 hobbyist...


Hmm, 45ft?! :roll:

And which is it 3750 flights a year or 20 hobbyists? :scratch:
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By skydriller
I have had a wee look at that forum thanks to the link on the first page here. I have to say that I suggest it might be better to just let them get on with the wild anti- airfield rantings, because actually telling them real facts about how aeroplanes operate may actually make them sound credible, where-as right now they arent...

Its a bit like @r_w_walker and his planning hearings - These people have made up their minds they dont want an airfield. I suspect energy would be better spent supporting the airfield application directly if the people concerned want the help, that is.
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By Flying_john
Aha - it seems the main protagonist in the opposition to the Airstrip has a vested commercial interest since she and her partner own land ... nr Deal that is used as a wedding venue ! ( I wonder if they have Planning)

So its not surprising then as their site is under the line of a southerly approach
from the proposed airstrip - she/they do not want their enterprise to be affected by someone else's enjoyment of their own land.

"There is not more original or unique woodland wedding setting than the site ...outside of Deal, Kent. The site is a location for [an] annual ... festival ..."
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By Morten
skydriller wrote:I suspect energy would be better spent supporting the airfield application directly if the people concerned want the help, that is.

I just tried to find the planning application on the council website again but failed to do so - a search of 21/00626 comes back empty.
Where do we go to add our support?
By flyingearly
I saw that somebody made a comment to this effect on the CGA protest page, but:

Would it be a useful (if ultimately fruitless) exercise for local pilots to offer a free flight to anyone on that group/page, along with a tour of a local airfield, to show them how it all works. I have no problem with people objecting against an airfield if they are making an informed decision, but from the looks of things this is just irrational ranting driven by misinformation and lies. Perhaps showing them things in real life would help them see we're not all petrol-guzzling maniacs wanting to land in their back garden.

Ditto, I would suggest someone should offer the local MP a trial flight (which I assume would be declared in the list of Members' Interests!!) as it's rather worrying how anti she has already become, in spite of the GA Roadmap being published only days earlier.
By NickyAsh
I and a large and growing number of local residents have been reading this thread initially with amusement and now with concern.

The singling out of an individual local resident for trying to protect her business seems grossly unfair. Naming her and putting her address here is irresponsible and does nothing to help your cause, quite the opposite. By all means discuss and give opinion, but what purpose does putting her address serve? I would strongly suggest you reflect and consider asking that your post be removed as she is already being subject to online harrasment which goes well beyond reasonable debate. Local residents are upset by this scheme but none has for a minute even considered putting home addresses of the scheme's backers online even though they are known locally.

The orchestrated bombardment of the community group has been met generally with amusement locally, residents know that this isn't going to decided on facebook or online forum chat. There are real issues here for a lot of local people which will be properly examined in due course. By all means continue to do it but understand that it has rallied opposition locally very considerably. And this will not be the first (or indeed the last) planning scheme where mysterious letters of support arrive from all over the country, I think planners might have seen that one before. Everyone has the right to comment but the planners will examine the balance of local opinion to inform their decision.
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By Pete L
Not sure that one wedding venue should be enough to tip the balance against - a wedding party most of the time is going to be noisier than a light aircraft aircraft at height. (Single person conversation levels don't count - a wedding with music is closer to a sports crowd). An acquaintance in Norfolk has much the same kind of infrastructure - including an airstrip.

Most airfields manage working with sensitive neighbours and a brief closure for actual services could be easy to arrange and enough to mitigate. The odd guest or couple might even arrive by air.
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When one offers oneself up as a leader of a protest group naturally it is interesting to discover the background to the protestation.

Ms Steger's business interests are clearly quoted on other webpages (including local newspaper) and certainly when I repeated it a few posts ago had no idea it was her home address as well as a business location. (Don't you need change of use for that ?)

It is the true definition of nimbyism if ever there was one and she declares her home :" My house is in direct line with the runway. " on her own chocsaway website forum, so it is no secret Nicky.
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