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By r_w_walker
Grant Shapps email is available on the Web.

I have sent and received several emails to and from him.

Unfortunately he cannot intervene directly in planning matters.

However, if he is aware of the problem trying to get planning permission, he might be able to make further changes to the NPPF.

If possible at least let him know of the proposal.
At that location, so long as there's a reasonable chance of a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich I'd love to come and visit. Airfields where I can get a bite to eat and a walk on a beach are amongst my favourite places to go.

You're also well located to minimise noise, and yes, to create a few benefits to the local economy.

Very best of British with a worthwhile endeavour.

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By r_w_walker
The Fifth appeal for South Moor Farm airstrip as just been dismissed!

Despite every grass strip in the country having abundant birds and wildlife.

Cannot overcome the bird problem!

Unless I/we manage to change the planning system it could be impossible to ever get planning permission for new sites.

I cannot see a way forward to obtain planning permission.

Hope this one succeeds.

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By Flying_john
I thin k the birds and wildlife are a secondary issue to the main one at Sth Moors that being in a tranquil national park and designated as such in a local plan.

The Kent application has its own planning hoops to negotiate, but is not in a national park.
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By ChampChump
Things have been happening, not necessarily those that will speed up the planning application being in the public view. The local MP seems unaware of government policy; when she approaches the Minister for Aviation I trust he will apprise her.
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By Dave W
I'm not a fan of that headline, though.

They really aren't making that comparison (the Downfall clip is a long-standing meme used for all sorts of amusing things, after all), and if we suggest they are I reckon we run the risk of diminishing the GA position on this.
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By TopCat
I saw that video earlier today before it got taken down, and compared with lots of other ones that put captions to that film clip, thought it was a bit rubbish.

However, I think the headline on that article, "Pilots likened to Nazis by anti airfield campaigners" is, to put it most charitably, completely missing the point.

The anti-airfield campaigners are doing nothing of the sort. They're attempting to whip up support in a supposedly comical way, using an internet meme that has been around for years. Personally I thought the comedy fell rather short, and not because I obviously support the airfield (at least in the absence of any actual knowledge).

There have been many such parodies, some funnier than others.

But to suggest that anyone is being likened to Nazis is ridiculous.
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