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By leiafee
Got back up today and can report...

Landings were fine.

Initial go through checklist and startup and radio calls were scrappy but improved as day went on.

Ability to fly sensible shaped circuits was ropey. Even when it improved over the day it took way more concentration than normal.

Ditto when asked to orbit inbound to Cardiff.

Lookout - hard to say - you don’t see the ones you don’t see! But I saw all but two that were called to me by ATC a few while out and about. Saw one lateish..

Radio was okay once brain warmed up settled on which callsign I was today (renting as ours is out of action).

Needed rather more direction than usual on the ground at Cardiff even with GPS and plate on my lap.

But all in all it was brilliant to be back up!
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By T6Harvard
eltonioni wrote:Everything, but specifically a total inability to fly, execute instructions, and listen at the same time.

( Mrs E would say that's normal)

Oh thank goodness! I thought it was just me. I flew today and completely lost it when it came to patting head and rubbing tummy skills. My excuse was rust. I last flew ..... on Wednesday :shock: :lol:

Tbf, I have only just learnt the rejoin checklist so to ask me to fly a cruise descent, level off at 2,000' for the rejoin, keep a good lookout, start the checklist, fly straight AND level, watch the power, align DI, set QFE (after calculating how many 30' hPa's to knock off) and expect me to still be s&l at any point therein was, frankly, taking the P***.

I actually stopped the checklist part way through to review my s&l and resumed when I had regained the datum attitude :mrgreen:
It was all completed correctly, just with a small pause in the middle.

Then my head exploded.

I can't wait for Monday. My instructor is probably not feeling quite as enthusiastic as I am...

So I’ve been saying what I’m about to say before pressing the button and saying it again.

However, yesterday I forgot my call sign and had to read it off the panel.

I think I was grinning inanely as I went from “darn.. what’s my call sign?” to “oh yeah, it’s on the panel somewhere... look.. there it is, wow, that IS a useful thing after all” !
Cessna571 wrote:However, yesterday I forgot my call sign and had to read it off the panel.

When you fly different aeroplanes frequently you get in the habit of writing it in BIG letters on your kneeboard. I like high wing aeroplanes because in extremis you can just about read the reg under the wing.
Forgetting your callsign causes total brain freeze and an inability to do anything.
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By MattL
It’s interesting to read the above, having done a stack of currency checks and rating revalidation/renewal exam trips I’ve definitely noticed people’s handling skills are pretty much fine but it’s putting it all together with RT/navigation that is obviously rusty for people. More than one would have infringed if they were solo as well..
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By johnm
I have found my buttonology needs a bit of work, so a few training app sessions and some buddy flying are in order.

Checklists have been a saviour in many ways, but the most insidious thing is confidence, which has been eroded in a curious way. I used to head off by car or plane without a second thought, but now many of the things I took for granted are still not doable and I leave the comfort of the village with a slightly uneasy feeling. I suspect it's the sense that I have rather less control over my own life than I'm used to and it may also be partly due to the way that recent times have highlighted how widespread ignorance, stupidity and prejudice have become.
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