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By Rob P
Recent arrival at one-time RAF Abingdon


Film company prop. Masters of the Air

Photo Brightworkphoto via Instagram

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Wiki says:

Reports of a third World War II based miniseries in the same vein as Band of Brothers and The Pacific developed by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg began in October 2012, focusing on United States Army Air Forces aircrews of the Mighty Eighth. In January 2013, HBO confirmed it was developing the miniseries, based on Donald L. Miller's book Masters of the Air: America's Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany.

I am hoping that the production will give Sally B a much needed financial boost, though the presence of her chin turret might be a bit of a handicap (It was removed for Memphis Belle filming)

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People bored with Cash in the Attic and the Masked Dancer's Got Talent on Ice?

"The Greatest Generation" stuff has a fairly solid audience in the US


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Sounds suspiciously like Cowboys and Indians with aeroplanes to me :twisted: I've not noticed the earlier series so I assume they don't appear on Freeview TV?
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I doubt there's anything new to be said, so look for a protracted version of the indifferent Memphis Belle remake.

That said, Band of Brothers, despite writing out any British, Canadian or French contribution to war winning wasn't half bad, and was on BBC. Not seen The Pacific

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JAFO wrote:I read that the focus was to be on 100th Bombardment Group

A triumph of marketing by the guy who invented the name "The Bloody Hundredth" despite the fact there were several bomb groups with bloodier record in combat.

The 100th still exists as an air refuelling wing based on Mildenhall flying KC-135.

Thorpe Abbotts is indeed in Norfolk, has an excellent tower museum but not enough infrastructure to look convincing WW2 today.

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You can fly into Thorpe Abbotts with PPR if you wish. I went a couple of years ago in a helicopter but there were several FW arrivals in the visitor book. The runways have gone but there is a very good section of concrete peri track going up to the tower. Museum is well worth a visit.
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I am very keen to watch it. Those involved have a very good track record of faithful (ish) recreations. Harry Crosby’s book is a genuine classic in all respects. It’s worth googling him - his postwar career was impressive to say the least. There’re clearly a lot of stories to be told just reading his book.

Whenever I see the American War Memorial at Duxford I have to pause to think about each plate showing bomb groups casualties, with large multiples of their strength being lost. It’s not as classically beautiful as the bomber command memorial on the mall, but I find it a more powerful representation of the losses the bomber crews suffered.

PS @Rob P if you doubt the producers credentials I highly recommend The Pacific

Further edit - found an obituary for Harry Crosby here. Michael Dukakis gave a eulogy for him!
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