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By kestrel539
From Gliding International

"NEW ZEALAND TAKES A LEAD - In other news, this week, New Zealand CAA have announced that they’re
abandoning their recreational pilot license and giving PPLs to all its current recipients, and implementing a
medical standard for private pilots based on the qualification for a driver’s license. Australians (finding it difficult
to accept) could do both of those things at the stroke of a pen without even needing an Act of Parliament
by approving Part 61 Manual of Standards amendments, which would render the entirety of the 20+ year
development of Part 149 pointless because all the RAAus pilots could start switching to CASA licenses and
VH-experimental rego (with an accompanying weight increase and controlled airspace access!) and get happy.
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By terryws
But the PMD for glider pilots in the UK is the restrictive one for aircraft up to 5700 kg, instead of the sensible 2000 kg which applies to permit aircraft. Unless this is sorted soon my glider will be up for sale!

Get a grip CAA and BGA

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By David Roberts
As you would expect Terry, the BGA has been on the case with the CAA since the time this "mistake" happened. It should always have been set at 2000 kg but all the Brexit transiation changes stuffed it up I guess.
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By GAFlyer4Fun
What would be really useful is PPL + PMD for international flights generally, or at least with the country just the other side of the border.

Plus PMD options for different aircraft weight categories.

I guess NZ PPLs don't do many international flights.
By Dominie
GAFlyer4Fun wrote:I guess NZ PPLs don't do many international flights.

Which is why many aircraft in New Zealand are exempt from displaying the country prefix on the aircraft - just three letters instead!