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By Morten
Iceman wrote:Or 9696 if you’re doing it inverted :lol:.
In that case, once you've set up your transponder to output numbers above 7 you may as well go all the way back to infancy and use 8008. ;)
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By GAFlyer4Fun
... and several days ago the Extended Squitter allowed an extra 4 digits ... so you could have 55378008

.. although with a special offer of just one extra digit you could double up..... 80085

Must be the uncertified version. :wink:
By chevvron
flyingearly wrote:6969 - I thought it was a reasonably well-known code?

I did this once without thinking.
RAF Wessex helicopter callsign 'ODM69' and I asked it to squawk '0469'.
It was several minutes before the pilot reported he couldn't seem to select the '9'; I had a vision of him wrenching at the knob trying to go above '7'.
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By Rob P
Readback in full required

"SSR Operating Instructions"

CAP413 P68

Rob P
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By TopCat
Rob P wrote:Readback in full required

"SSR Operating Instructions"

CAP413 P68

Sure, as soon as they stop saying "QSY approved".

Till then (and then only if they moan), tough :D
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By foxmoth
TopCat wrote:
Sure, as soon as they stop saying "QSY approved".

I have been flying over 45 years and can probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I have had that - and probably not at all in the last 20 years!
(Though I might sometimes use QSY myself :P )
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By akg1486
While flying a few years ago, I heard a conversation between ATS and what I assume was a student pilot. (We don't use the "student" prefix in Sweden.) The conversation was in Swedish, and for this to make sense you need to know that the Swedish words for "8" and "1" can be mixed up. The dialogue isn't verbatim, but as close as I can remember.

ATS: Set squawk 2315
Pilot: Squawk 2385
ATS: Correction: set squawk 2315 (with a real emphasis on the 1)
Pilot: Squawk 2385
ATS: No! Squawk 2315
Pilot: Squawk 2385
ATS: Take a look at your transponder. There's no 8 on it. Set squawk 2315
Pilot: Squawk 2315

I don't think I've ever been more entertained listening to other pilots on the radio in-flight. :D
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By xtophe
akg1486 wrote:I'd love to be assigned squawk 1337. :D

In our part of the world it is "Transit (ORCAM) Germany"
So you need to rent something very large and fly it international from Germany.
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By David Wood
foxmoth wrote:Squawk conspicuity is such a mouthful, how about a campaign to change it to “Squawk enroute”?

It is rubbish, isn't it?

The other day I was on a VFR flight in receipt of a Basic Service. Upon changing en-route I replied to the "Squawk Conspicuity" instruction with " Squawk 7000" since I was VFR and the controller knew it. I got a somewhat prickly response (a read-back of a read-back?) along the lines of "Squawk 7000 if VFR or 2000 if IFR".

Goodness me, what a lot of wasted air-time.
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