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with 7000 on TXP in IMC

The outcome might have been different had you been squawking 2000.
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By AlanM
James Chan wrote:
with 7000 on TXP in IMC

The outcome might have been different had you been squawking 2000.

I am not sure why Thames Radar could not have got you up to 3000ft inside CAS almost immediately on EGSG-DET. It isn’t that busy in the LTMA right now.
AlanM wrote:I cannot understand why an AFISO working in a FIS role would not know of LAVRI!

Exactly. Why would you say Maidstone instead :)

Not that I had the slightest idea where LAVRI was till I looked it up on Skydemon, which is common as muck now, anyway.

To show off properly these days, you have to quote your position in reference to stately homes.

Wait, they're on SkyDemon too!

Damn you, @Tim Dawson, you democratiser!

"..... presently Leeds Castle, routing Godinton and Waldershare House, coasting out at Dover Castle"

I like it!
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Of course for added entertainment value you could use a really bad foreign accent and pronounce everything strangely... :thumleft:

Have you ever flown in scandinavia? Anything up that way with dots, lines or joined letters is just asking for the controller to reply " mean fnodelarsewhallerbak..." erm, possibly... and thats with a scandi autopilot sat next to you saying it to you first...

Heres a good one Ive flown to : Sjöbo :shock:

Regards, SD.. :viking:
I'm glad to read that so many others use Airway reporting points for VFR navigation. Given that they're all in the Garmin database of the average 430 they are easily entered in comparison to creating user waypoints based on VFR positions.

That said, I do appreciate that some controllers will not have them readily available and so I tend to use them with caution, often reporting a nearby visual cue whilst actually navigating to the reporting point. If I do choose to mention them I prefix them with the phrase 'Airway Reporting Point....XXXXX'.

The general response is often bemusement as to why I'm using them, but I'm not aware of any reason why you can't so I'd say it was good practise so long as you and the controller are both aware of where your heading. I've not had any hostile response so far.
but I'm not aware of any reason why you can't so I'd say it was good practise

Well I’d say it’s because it could run the risk of creating an impression that more and more VFR pilots has and should have an electronic nav database of reporting points and be able to quickly look them up as a standard when requested by ATC.

Many don’t have this equipment or know how to use it and it’s not part of the PPL syllabus.

So if I were asked to fly to a point which isn’t on my VFR charts/plates that I have in front of me - then I’d probably ask to be vectored to it instead.
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By AndyR
The trouble with using G430, G1000 and other panel mount RNAV GPS units for VFR is that are intended to be used for IFR, albeit they are better these days at denoting VRPs.

Indeed, the G1000 quite often depicts towns and other ground features in the wrong place.

VFR should really use chart or the likes of SkyDemon.
By johnm
If VFR or IFR OCAS I tend to stick a DCT in the GTN 650 so I can simply load an approach on arrival if I want/need to .

En route navigation is Skydemon and I may well use IFR waypoints if suitable.

For IFR routing I file via Autorouter, for VFR I try to use obvious waypoints and file via Skydemon.
How do you identify visually that you’ve arrived at an airway reporting point? :)

If the reporting point was a upper airway one I’d love to report “routing to 20000ft below LAVRI”

If I'm flying low less than 3000-4000' VFR VRPs.
Above that I use IFR ones.
Just find it to be easier as generally the higher I am the more I want to fly in straighter lines.

As an aside many, many years ago I was invited to TC at West Drayton.
If memory serves me right it looked like a cross between a 60's Dr Who set and a TV repair shop.
It was a pity we were not allowed to take photos in the gloom.
We were also not allowed to take any at Swanwick either. Bit of a 'dual standard' me thinks, given a few photos here. Has any one got a few at W Drayton?

By johnm
How do you identify visually that you’ve arrived at an airway reporting point? :)

I don't, I'm not interested in the scenery for navigation because I could easily start VFR and end up in IMC flying IFR. Being able to see the countryside and identify the odd feature or town is a bonus as in "Oh look there's Bath over there " :D
I try to use IFR waypoints whenever I can, so the plan in the 430W matches the route in SkyDemon with the least effort. It helps the autopilot in NAV mode execute what I've planned [/lazy git]

It really isn't that hard relating my or a waypoint's position to a settlement or other visual feature if I have to report such to ATC and the waypoint is not one of the commonly used ones.
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