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Iceman wrote:Classic post cold front weather it turned out to be with blue skies and superb visibility.

I wouldn't consider yourself clear just yet. It has been blue skies and sunshine to zero vis on and off all day here today…………..and it's heading your way. :D
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…..and it's heading your way. :D


Shouldn’t you be called @Malicious?
This weather belongs to Scotland.

I suppose that at least the risk of @Iceman being ramp checked again is reduced...
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Hooligan wrote:Bit of snow in Sarf London earlier, sun trying to gain the upper hand now. Wind was a bit fresh...
Stuck shorts and t-shirt on to wash the car here in Croydon. By the time I'd finished, I was frozen and being snowed on.

Then this arvo it's glorious!

~ Scott

Yeah, superbly clear in Purley when I sauntered up to the downs for my afternoon stroll. Bloody headwind on the way back though, chilly!

Very sad not to see any light aircraft though... and presume Surrey Hills GC still can't fly on days when 615 VGS ought to be flying... maybe tomorrow.
The role of the jet stream in weather is much clearer now. I am a bit concerned that it may be settling in the current position, the opposite to last year, so we will get a more consistent northerly flow this year. :(
Letter in the Telegraph - apparently this cold(er) snap is known as a Blackthorn Winter:

Blackthorn Winter, in rural England, is a spell of cold weather in early April which often coincides with the blossoming of the blackthorn in hedgerows. The pure white of the blackthorn blossom, which appears before the leaves, matches the snow or hoar frost covering the fields nearby.

Went for a constitutional with a friend this morning with my usual winter coat on - I'm still sweating, it is a bit warmer in the SE today... :D
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Miscellaneous wrote:
Not stopping what I assume are hour builders flying above it though.

If you are roughly where I think you are, there were a couple of PA-28s on a same way same day circuit of the Highlands and Islands earlier on...

Rain here later apparently.