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By johnm
Thanks @PeteSpencer very useful, at that price I could even afford an experiment :thumright:
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By Rob P
johnm wrote:At the moment I include Skydemon in my scan and haven't needed the audio prompts.

What is driving the audio prompts?

With PAw and SD intelligent alerts you just look where it tells you, not at your tablet.

Rob P
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By Miscellaneous
johnm wrote:I'm basically trying to develop a hypothesis to test.

That's certainly not what you initially said, John. :wink:

Nevertheless, you got there in the end. :thumright:

@Rob P I think John is referring to SD audio warnings, airspace, terrain and not SE fed traffic warnings?
By Mike Tango
riverrock wrote:Are there still some controllers who have never been in a GA aircraft? Sounds like an opportunity...

These days it is probably fair to say it’s likely the majority.
By johnm
Rob P wrote:
What is driving the audio prompts?

With PAw and SD intelligent alerts you just look where it tells you, not at your tablet.

Rob P

Do you know what exactly Skydemon says? Is it something like “traffic 2o’clock 2 miles 2400 ft”
By johnm
malcolmfrost wrote:IIRC it gives relative altitude, ie 200 feet below

As that seems to be what is displayed it makes good sense :thumleft:
By johnm
Thanks one and all, helpful and educational as always. I may soon have a cunning plan :D
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By matthew_w100
Miscellaneous wrote:Well, @johnm. I said;
I worry that the point/benefit of EC is being missed by many.

After your last post, I'm more convinced! :shock:

Deffo being missed by me. The only value I'm getting from PAW is keeping track of chums when we're flying in convoy somewhere. It's never *usefully* warned me of traffic and it usually misses planes that have got close enough to need a reaction. I'm sure it'll improve (and I'll keep running it) but at the moment it seems to me that it is little more than virtue signalling.
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By Dave W
johnm wrote:Is there a Skydemon dictionary anywhere that will tell me what it says :D

Simulate Mode will show you. (p68 of the Manual)

In 'Simulate' mode press and hold anywhere on the map. Last topic in menu is 'spawn aircraft'. When pressing that item another aircraft appears on the map. If you move your (simulated) aircraft - using your finger on phone/tablet - to conflict with the virtual threat aircraft, you will see and hear what would happen for real.
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By matthew_w100
Miscellaneous wrote:@matthew_w100 sounds to me as if something is amiss. If I were you I would be conducting some troubleshooting. :wink:

Possibly being in a metal aeroplane and having no enthusiasm for drilling holes may be having an impact. But I have the aerials glued to the perspex window. Where do people with the carry-ons put them if not the back seat?

Last week I was in loose formation level with a chum. PAW had him on the other side 200 feet below. It didn't notice a couple of passing Cirrusy-looking singles that MUST have been squawking and it kept telling me about a bunch of gliders that were clearly on the ground. As I say, a long way to go.
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By GrahamB
You can also adjust the position and direction of the spawned targets by dragging them around. Pressing on one will pop up the What’s Here menu which allows you to select it and adjust its speed, climb/descent rate or put it into an orbit.