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For the GARMIN 796 you will need something that speaks GARMIN protocols. The 796 has no Wi-fi but uses Bluetooth or if in the mounting cradle also has two wired inputs.

That means either a GARMIN GDL50 or the PowerFlarm Fusion with the optional TIS interface licence for the GARMIN 796.

The GDL50 will only talk to the 796 and GARMIN Pilot app on a tablet but the PowerFlarm Fusion will talk to the 796 with either a wired connection or Bluetooth and to the tablet apps, SD, RunwayHD, GARMIN Pilot etc through Wi-fi.
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I have a GDL50 hard wired to a Aera 795. It gives a great "ADSB in" dedicated traffic display on the 795 or traffic overlayed on the moving map. I have also connected the 795 audio out to the radio to give audible traffic warnings.
For "ADSB out" I have a Trig TN72 connected to a TT31 transponder.

It all seems to work very well.
Be very surprised if you can't feed a wired traffic feed from Pilotaware into the Garmin, I certainly managed it with my Dynon skyview and the number of options for different flavours of output are extensive. That sorts adsb-in, for adsb out you want a feed from a gps source to your transponder. Pilotaware can provide this too if your transponder is compatible.