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By MichaelP

“As I am a student I do also have my logbook in there for post-lesson completion, feel it's safer than leaving in car. Thanks for the tip about photographing the pages, @MichaelP .”

My recommendation is that you use an A5 pad and fill in your logbook at home. Write out your entry first, and then copy it into your logbook.
A neat logbook is very important if you are a commercial pilot looking for job.
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By JodelDavo
I only carry a Red Flyer Lanyard. That opens doors.....!

Not sure I've got 'a flying bag'... Used to be a Tescos bag until you had to pay for them, now everything I need is in my aeroplane (minus the Licence..... Like some revered illuminati member, I just show the Flyer Lanyard and I'm in the clear) :lol:

Seriously, has anyone who has a non-commercial licence EVER been pulled up by the CAA in the UK for not carrying their licence? Asking for a friend.

I doubt the Feds have enough FCL staff these days who know what they're talking about to go out ramp checking PPLs.. :roll:
MichaelP wrote:The Royal Mail supplied me with a High Vis coat.
I now take it with me when I’m on a long night drive. Could be useful if there’s an engine failure on the road.

Having been trained as a first aider most of my life, along with various other "how to deal with emergencies" training, a hi-viz rucksack lives in my boot with a pretty comprehensive first aid kit, fire extinguisher, torch, set of asbestos (or something similar) gloves, couple of space blankets and a few other oddments. So does a very heavy weatherproof hi-viz jacket - after using for years a standard Dickies one, a while ago I replaced it with something that is also flame retardant - it doubles for airfield use where needed.

My logic, which has been borne out several times particularly about that jacket, is it makes me look somewhat official at the scene of an accident, and I've proven on a couple of occasions that yes, I did know what I was doing, and it helped ensure that other people milling around like headless chickens listened to me.

Plus in the middle of winter, outdoors, possibly in rain or snow, for whatever time an emergency takes to resolve, you want all the insulation you can get.

Why I have a habit of coming upon accidents I'm not sure - maybe I don't and just pay attention where others don't.

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By TLRippon
Don't have a bag as such but I carry a Knee board, Mobile phone, tablet, Headset, Pen and licence and not to forget, mask and hand sanitizer.

On the odd occasion I have been known to have a bottle of Irn Bru and a packet of Discos in a ASDA bag.
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@MichaelP - I notice you said that a knee board is sometimes too much or a hazard.

Many years ago I created a small board that went on your arm. Wessex Boy of this parish sold a fair few on my behalf but I think I've still got one or two in a drawer somewhere. If you think it would be of use I'm happy to send you one. No charge, it's better cluttering up your house than mine. Let me know.
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By MichaelP
Thank you @JAFO, there’s already a lot of clutter in this house...

I learned from the Thai’s to never refuse an offer of something free of charge, but I’ll break this rule.
It is a very good idea however, and I am sure there will be a few takers on here.
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By Lockhaven
I am fortunate to have the aircraft in my hangar 10 yards from the house so I leave everything that I need in the aircraft, never carried my logbooks once in 35 years of flying, even when going aboard.
By Cessna571
Lockhaven wrote:I am fortunate to have the aircraft in my hangar 10 yards from the house so I leave everything that I need in the aircraft, never carried my logbooks once in 35 years of flying, even when going aboard.

You can really go off some people.

Since I’m a girl, I have a handbag; usually a small backpack. That contains everything I don’t leave home without - which includes passport, flying/driving/sailing/scuba tickets (medical and radio licence included), emergency cash (3 currencies), couple of passport sized photos, purse, glasses, sunnies, tissues, makeup bag, business cards, folded shopping bags, earbuds, iphone and often ipad as well.
Both aircraft have their own kit, kept in there - the Comanche has plumbed Bose in the front and a set of custom made boxes on the “hatrack” and under the crew seats, containing everything I consider necessary (copies of all manuals, torches, batteries, cleaning cloths, baseball hat, bungee tiedowns, PLB, flares, glowsticks, tissues, pax headsets, brakes on/off card). Hooks on the headrest supports hold crew lifejackets and the raft is generally in the rear footwell. In the “boot” I keep a bag containing spare oil, funnels, glass cleaner, kitchen roll, chocks, engine bungs, jump leads, fuel strainer.
My logbook lives at home in a secure, fireproof place. That is why I haven’t seen it for over a year!
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By Trent772
Paul_Sengupta wrote:Blimey. Were you in the Scouts or Guides...?

Clue is in the Avatar Paul...... :pirat:

My Mum was a Guide Captain and I always got into trouble for telling the Guides the answers when they came to our house for badge tests.....
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By andytk58
NDB_hold wrote:I’m interested there are people flying apparently without their licence and ID...

Ha! The benefits of an NPPL (SSEA/M). Only need charts.....licence can stay safely at home.