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I have a proper UK licence, none of this FCL nonsense! I don't take it, or my passport, with me unless I'm flying abroad.

I keep most things in the aeroplane, including an overnight bag with spare clothes, but I keep my handheld radio, headset for that radio (the aeroplane has military spec headsets which I keep in the aeroplane), tablet and other electrical things (torches, etc) in my flight bag so I can take them home to update and charge
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Licences and medicals (as they all live in the same little wallet)
Kneeboard (A5 generally with a little collection of key information, PLOG, plates, bits of chart on A5 pages held together with a treasury tag in the corner.)
Spare glasses
Sick bag
Round post it notes
Flying gloves (sometimes worn, sometimes not)
Couple of spare pens
Spare phone and headset batteries
Safety knife
Airfield guide, usually Pooleys
Long trips usually a whizz wheel, as I'm a dinosaur and still like it.
1 million chart, possibly some others.

Depending upon trip and aircraft, tablet / spare GPS device / maybe.

Hi Viz only if actually needed where I'm flying.

And usually a certain amount of unnecessary junk I've forgotten to take out.

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By PeteSpencer
Every so often I empty out my flight bag which weighs a ton (it figures in my W & B calcs) with a view to lightening it a bit .

But I always seem to end up putting everything back in .

What I never carry in my flight bag however is my logbook which stays locked up in a filing cabinet at home . If my bag gets nicked everything else can be replaced with minimum faff Not so my (paper) logbooks .

For photo ID I keep my AOPA aircrew card in the blue CAA license wallet: I figure if it gets me onto UK internal commercial flights it’s good enough for ID ramp check purposes Passport for continental travel obvs. :wink:

I actually have a separate flight bag for SE2, GoPro, Garmin GPS back up , LUMIX camera and associated cables, , Bluetooth gizmo, GoPro sound splitter clamps etc and a few spare batteries.
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By MichaelP
I’m used to carrying my licence.
In Canada you can be ‘ramp checked’ and woe betide you if you don’t have your licence with you.

Logbooks are personally precious documents.
I photograph mine as each page is completed... Having heard the complaints of pilots who have lost theirs’ when their cars have been robbed (very common in Vancouver), I am very careful with my logbook.
It stays home unless I am visiting somewhere in the World where I might want to rent an aeroplane...
What am I saying? “might want to rent...”, of course I do!

I can’t be bothered with “Flight equipment”, I’m not a poser!
I have a backpack. One or two headsets, camera, charging stuff, maps, iPad, spare glasses, pens, torch, ear plugs, and an A5 note pad. I carry my licences, and passport.
All flights are written on the A5 pad with a lot of remarks, each circuit numbered, and remarks on it.
I store these pads when completed, and my students have asked me for references. I also get them to take a picture of these notes with their phone.

My “round post-it” notes are in my A5 pad, ready for sudden limited/partial panel use.
Round instruments need only apply.

Are you asking whose bag is best to steal?
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By WelshRichy
I've a shared aeroplane so probably carry more than those with their own aeroplane.

In my bag, a standard rucksack with many compartments available from Amazon at vastly reduced prices to the normal "pilot bags":

Bose A20 Bluetooth Headset in its carry case (new, unused as yet, bought just before lockdown)
Sky Echo 2 in its carry case (new, unused as yet, bought just before lockdown)
RAM iPad Mount
128GB 4g iPad
1:500,000 CAA Charts for Scotland and Northern England
Standard Sharp Scientific Calculator
Combined Ruler and Protractor
A5 Folding Kneeboard with plastic inserts and mechanical timer
Clips so that I can keep folded charts in check
Non permanent marker pens
Assortment of Pens
Fuel Tester
Spare spectacles
Prescription Sunglasses
AirSide Pass (has to be taken out of the bag prior to leaving the club house as we need it to get through the gate)
Club house key for the front door (and also to get back in from airside)
Pad of A5 Transair PLOGs & personalised local flight A5 sheets printouts
Maglight with white and red filters
Spare Batteries for Bose A20s.

If I'm taking anyone with me then I do have separate double headset bag with two DC 10-13.4's and they won't fit into my bag.

My logbook stays firmly at home unless I need it signed for any reason.
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By T6Harvard
A bag ready packed, same contents as @Cessna571 , except I also have a mini torch, mini Swiss army knife (legal!) and emergency cash. I add my mobile phone before I enter a/c. Oh and, my spare spare pen is a pencil :D

I envy that flight bag! It's still on my wishlist because Santa forgot it.

Thankfully not needed a hi vis yet but suspect that is to come when I start X.C.

As I am a student I do also have my logbook in there for post-lesson completion, feel it's safer than leaving in car. Thanks for the tip about photographing the pages, @MichaelP .

ETA, also Skyway Code :mrgreen:
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By NDB_hold
Yes, I’m a 2 bag chap as well:

1. Generic small black rucksack (which may not all come with me if the cockpit is small - if so I will take out what I need)

Yoke and suction mounts for iPad (RAM)
Handheld radio receiver (iCom)
Plexus and cloth
Checklists for all possible aircraft
Kneeboard including iPad, pen, marker
Pens, plotters, scale
Fuel tester
iPad charging equipment
Sticky postits for covering failed instruments
Electronic CO detector (I don’t like the black spot ones in the aircraft)
Probably more stuff I’ve forgotten - this is as it were my 'everything' bag

Headset bag (always goes with me):
Bluetooth receiver
Hi viz
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By MichaelP
The Royal Mail supplied me with a High Vis coat.
I now take it with me when I’m on a long night drive. Could be useful if there’s an engine failure on the road.

Kneeboard... I supplied my students with a hardboard kneeboard from the dollar store, as well as an A5 pad.
In most aeroplanes I have flown you do not want a kneeboard strapped to your leg, this can be a hazard, rather a small board easily stowed.
I have zipped A5 boards inside my jacket for security when the horizon is not in a common position.