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By JPSmith2476
Handheld radio, Hi Vis vest, Licence, Log book, spare pens/markers, fuel dipper and other odds and sods (underpants). I suppose if one owns an aeroplane a lot of this stuff can be left in, I don't, and so have to assume that none of this is available.
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By Rob P
UK trips - Headset, Huawei tablet, spare spectacles

(Assuming sunnies already worn)

Rob P
By Cessna571
I have a “pick up and go flying bag”, it has...

Aircraft keys
Spare Pen
Spare Spare Pen
Fuel tester
Hi Vis (which has been used once)
iPad (only in there as a backup)
Small charge pack for phone (with lead)
Sick bag
Water bottle
Emergency chocolate bar

I have a bag made with specific compartments for each of these, I’ll see if I can find it. I’ll edit this when I can.

By johnm
Licence, passport, kneeboard, old paper chart, spare specs (condition of class 2 medical), pen, headtorch, aeroplane keys and hangar keys, headset, handheld radio, Skyecho, disposal bags, spare headset batteries, instrument covers.
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By MattL
Licence and passport
Spare specs (wear contact lenses)
Few pens
Approach plates / checklist
Flyboys kneeboard
Spare batteries for Bose headset
Bit of cash for emergency taxi etc
Instrument covers for testing partial panel + also to cover any failed instrument if happens in flight
Ipad / paper chart
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By Josh
Rob L wrote:I don't have a flying bag (what would I put in it?), but I always carry a spare pair of underpants: my Mother always told me so.

I’ve always carried a change of clothes in my flight bag just in case after one bad experience. I’d argue the knowledge you’ve everything you need removes one little source extra mental pressure in the event of a diversion.

The emergency cash stash (euros and sterling) is also very good advice. Ask me how I know :roll:
A small posh rucksack ( present from Mrs P)


Two types of licence
Spare glasses
Spare contacts
Little pouch with some cash
Pair of thermal cotton gloves
A couple of pens/pencils
Anker power brick thing
Aeroplane keys
A survival kit in a tobacco tin ( a present from my son)

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By AndyR
Private flying, local flight/land away, then no bag.

Just my A5 kneeboard, a pen, headset, chart. If flying aeros just headset and chart. If flying the Cub just chart has been known.

Licence in pocket, driving licence in credit card holder and always carried. I’ve not carried cash for a long time. Mobile phone in pocket.

My logbook rarely leaves the safety of my house. I do have on my phone though. Not sure why I would ever need that with me, I’ve never been asked to produce my logbook except for FCL applications.
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By Rob P
NDB_hold wrote: I’m interested there are people flying apparently without their licence and ID...

How do you know there are people flying without their licence?

The question mentions "flying bag".

My licence is in a velcro-closed pocket in my flight suit. As are my pens, wallet, stylus and retracting cord, loose change, phone, headset batteries and in days gone by a half-mill.

Rob P
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By rikur_
In approximate order of frequency of use....

Microfibre cloth
Checklists x 3
Selected ILS plates
Hi-viz vest
PVC tape
USB charging lead
Pooleys guide
Universal screw driver
Sick bags
VFR charts x 3
Stop watch