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Quite some time ago I'm sure I saw a small article in the LAA mag (or it might have been Flyer) about a single aircraft hangar/cover that for all the world looked like a giant folding clamshell.

Did I dream this?? Googling throws up nothing.

I've checked my back copies of the LAA mag and couldn't see anything.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about and have any info.

The MOD needed a storage facility in a rush. Concrete foundations were laid and when cured, lorries arrived with folding sectioned bays, roofs on. The 100ft x 100ft building went up in an afternoon. Made in England, all galvanised.
Ian Melville wrote:
JodelDavo wrote:You’re not dreaming.

It was probably ‘The Maraldi Hangar’ and was in an old copy of Popular Flying. I’ve got a copy somewhere.

September-October 1988 Popular flying. Looks like a six sided yurt

Couldn't have been that, my collection of LAA magazines only goes back about 11 years..... :lol:
The first of those that I saw was at Redhill in the late ninetys. Later I noticed another at Plaistows Farm strip.
Rather neat, a handy looking bit of kit I thought. I have no idea if they are still about as it's a few years since i have been to either airfield.