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By dppintr
Last night, a hangar at Hilversum airfield burned down. Ronald, the maintenance technician, lived with his wife and daughter above the hangar.

The only thing they still own are the clothes they were wearing when they barely survived. Ronald has lost his house, his workshop and his livelihood in one fell swoop. Ronald is someone who never asks anything for himself, is always there for everyone and is a highly regarded, reliable maintenance technician and fellow pilot at the airfield.

He and his family deserve help like no other to rebuild their lives. A new workshop and home are an inseparable part of this. Hence this appeal for everyone to make a contribution.

Thank you very much,
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By dppintr
It is heart-warming to see donations coming in, also from the international flying community. Thank you very much for that. You could also add " forum member", or which country you are donating from.

I was at the airfield yesterday, and their house was totally burnt down. The fire brigade, on the instructions of a pilot who is familiar with the airfield, was able to get some planes out of the hangar, but these planes have damage, and some will probably have to be written off.

Even the owners of the light aircraft involved, although they have damage themselves, think first and foremost of the family who has lost everything, and they are donating just as much to help the family get back on their feet quickly.