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What is that?

Please sir, I know. Pick, me, Pick me.

Actually I went through many of the obvious ones: "Sunlit uplands", "No downsides to Brexit, only upsides", "As we hold all the cards we can get the deal we want", "We'll have more money", "There'll be less red tape", before chancing on something more recent. It's "Best Place in the world for GA".

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Stampe wrote:For the vast majority of U.K. SEP IR holders with an 800m RVR legal single crew limit the LNAV only minima are sufficient.I really do not see why all the fuss about EGNOS .For me lack of airports not instrument approaches is what is going to destroy GA in the UK.

As CH said, the bigger picture is useful even at the GA end - for much of the GA I fly/train/work on, it's the difference between 200' DH/550M RVR or 800M if hand flown, and often 300+' DH and 1000+M RVR, eg Doncaster. An extreme example perhaps that generates other discussions about flying SEP in 200' ceilings, but valid simply with the DH difference on some days. Loss of LPV approaches just as they were becoming more accepted is a bit of a blow.

Loss of airfields even more of a blow of course!!
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We can now formally confirm that LPV will remain available after the UK leaves the EGNOS SOLS

Well that's good to hear! :thumleft:

As the CI is not in the UK and not in the EU when it had access to EGNOS, so I wouldn't know why the UK leaving the EU would even cause the loss of EGNOS in the CI.
CI ATC had better prepare for hoardes of IR training wannabes flooding across the channel for RNP LPV training

Already happens, the Bournemouth lot are over Alderney pretty much every day in normal times...
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PeteSpencer wrote:CI ATC had better prepare for hoardes of IR training wannabes flooding across the channel for RNP LPV training

And cheap fuel........... :roll:

And nice places to eat and stay

All in CAS ;-)

Actually we have already had a few aircraft come down for a few days IR training - with a visit to ATC before Covid.

@G-BLEW - maybe an aeticle in the making there?!? :wink:
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With fuel drawback outbound, cheaper fuel in the CI, a further 5% fuel discount for AOPA members, pop up IFR clearances into the zone, good approaches at all three airports and a great place for a weekend, Jersey, in particular, is one of my regular haunts.

Iceman 8)
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As I have pointed out before the EU has no choice under WTO rules but to treat all 3rd countries the same except where specific agreements are in force. For some reason the UK has failed to negotiate a deal for EGNOS.

The suspicion is that the politicos do not want to be beholden to the EU for anything at all and would prefer to build a UKGNSS and UKGNOS but don't comprehend the implications, hence the £400million spent on a failed Starlink competitor.

We can only wait and see what transpires as the practicalities play out but unless the general public feels pain, e.g. stuff missing from supermarket shelves, and the "blame the EU" strategy starts to unravel then I wouldn't hold your breath for any changes.
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