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By AlanM
Hi everyone.

We can now formally confirm that LPV will remain available after the UK leaves the EGNOS SOLS.

Here is the text released today;

Over recent weeks we have been reading the posts on social media regarding the UK’s access to EGNOS beyond 25th June.

We feel it’s important to clarify with operators/readers that the Channel Islands isn’t impacted by this situation. Here is a statement from the Director of Civil Aviation (DCA);

“It has been disappointing to read the news that UK’s participation in EGNOS Safety of Life Service will cease on 25th June this year following departure from the EU and the end of the Transition Period. I wish to clarify the position on behalf of the Channel Islands, which is not impacted by this change. The ANSP for the Channel Islands has a direct Agreement with the European Satellite Services Provider (ESSP) Sociētē par Actions Simplifiēe (SAS) for this service, therefore LPV procedures post 25th June will remain available at Channel Islands airports.”

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By AlanM
Iceman wrote:I presume that this applies to Alderney and Guernsey too ?

Iceman 8)

Yes, I believe that the Acting DCA For Guernsey is also going to publish the same statement for his jurisdiction (the combined DCA role was split some months ago). I have the signed Jersey EWA but not the other’s.
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Out of Interest do you know how much Jersey is paying the EU for paper approval to use the freely available SBAS signal? If anything far less than is being demanded from the U.K. by the EU.If the figure was realistic I,m sure-the UK might consider contributing.For the vast majority of U.K. SEP IR holders with an 800m RVR legal single crew limit the LNAV only minima are sufficient.I really do not see why all the fuss about EGNOS .For me lack of airports not instrument approaches is what is going to destroy GA in the UK.
Regards Stampe
Take the wider view Stampe.

LNAV = 2D but LPV = 3D and from ICAO downwards inc our CAA agrees it’s safer to have vertical guidance.

The history of CFIT during non-precision approaches include many crashes lined up with the runway but hitting the ground short.

I’m sure you didn’t intend to paint an “I’m alright Jack” picture but those of us fighting hard to rescue the situation are feeling somewhat undermined by similar comments from pilots.

There are approaches used for carrying public on scheduled air services for which the regrettable retrograde move has increased the risks.
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By AlanM
Stampe wrote:Out of Interest do you know how much Jersey is paying the EU for paper approval to use the freely available SBAS signal?

The factual answer is that I do not know (and couldn’t share that anyway)

The EWA is a contract between the Ports of Jersey (the ANSP) and ESSP and was signed a long time ago as of course none of the Channel Islands have ever been in the EU. Hence our direct agreement.

I am have no idea of what they are expecting the UK to pay. This is politics - hence again aviation being caught in it. I still think that a deal will be done between the UK and the EU. As said, it is a bit of paper! (How can it be safe in Alderney but not in Southampton?)

It is interesting to see the shareholders of ESSP......
My understanding is the opening shot from the EU was €30m per year. Our side chose not to go away and consult nor negotiate but simply refused and that was that.

Considering their first offer on a transition period for fishing rights was 14 years (we started with 2) it appears their gambit is to exaggerate in the hope of meeting at a higher halfway.

I don’t know the value of the EGNOS SoL service to our aerospace sector but even at €10m per year it’s f@@@ all on a big ship.

Look at our investments in Space and Drones for comparison.
By Stampe
As we are entirely self funded in the UK an LPV supplement charged by those ANSP who offer this facility would seem the fairest way to go much as I have to pay for approaches at my home base!.As a beer drinker I do not enjoy funding the champagne tastes of others!
Regards Stampe