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It shed 1 1/2 fan blades, containment worked but obviously shook the cowlings off and trashed the engine. I seem to recall that the P & W 4000 was the launch engine waiting for the GE and RR to catch up.

Our Skyservice 330's had them - horrid to operate, developed to the end of development.

Probably time to turn them into bean cans.....
I've worked on all three types of engines on the 777 -200s , they all have their idiosyncrasies .

P+W 4000 Thought this as the cheap and cheerful option .......Agricultural engineering in places , bit like some Russian stuff.... but robust and could take a beating .

GE 90s lots of teething problems in early service but now a mature product with the DAC II ( Dual Annular Combustor ) Middle range of quality . Almost all the ancilleries components squeezed around the core . A bit oil hungry .... 4 to 6 qts per engine is usual for a transatlantic

RR Trent Easier to work on ( more components under the fan cowls ) Expensive option and more complex due to the 3 spool design but pays off in fuel burn benefits as about a ton lighter than the GE90.
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Mostly ejected overboard ........ The GE90 centrifuges the scavenge oil through the centre of the main shaft ( N1 : The LP turbine and Front Fan ) which is turning relatively slowly As to ending up in the cabin air supply this depends on the internal seals ....Same on all engines.....depends on the quality of the labyrinth seals ....... particular engines are more susceptible e.g. the V2500 used on A320 series . Notable exception is the Boeing 787 where cabin air is sourced not from bleed air from the engines ,instead it uses a couple of huge electric compressors .
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Trent772 wrote:Probably time to turn them into bean cans.....

Since this was a flight to Honolulu, spam cans might be more appropriate.

(Perhaps it's not a well-known fact, but Hawaii is the place on the planet with the highest consumption of spam. ) :D
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