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By Highland Park
Sad to read that Melvyn has passed away (and I believe a sometime contributor on here?). I didn’t know him personally, only by reputation but a sad loss to the aviation community. :(


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By flyguy
So so sad.

Melvyn was, is and always will be a legend. Perpetually amusing and entertaining with his dry humour and a kind word for (pretty much!) everybody, he was a genuine character and a top top bloke.

We met on the air display circuit and I have been lucky enough to fly with him a fair amount in recent years; he even did a formation course with us and made us laugh all the way through it!

And his attitude to his illness was exemplary. I spoke to him just a few days ago, and he said "You know what Greeners? For a f*cking sick f*cker I'm actually doing not too badly!"

I'm delighted that he managed to get his guitar book finished - it was always an important target.

But I'm more than delighted that he had the support of the amazing Caroline, who was very much the light of his life and really kept him going, tolerating his outlandishness, cheering him along the whole way and very much making life as good as it could be. Sending huge love and hugs xxx

Blue skies Melv
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By Paul_Sengupta
I'd known Melvyn for many years. Back around 4 years ago I knew of his cancer diagnosis and so when my mother was diagnosed I had some in depth conversations with him over a cup of tea at Popham. He said things weren't looking good for him back then. My mother made it to August that year, Melvyn was able to go on until now, giving all of us a few more years of his company and his humour. Unfortunately due to circumstances this past year we couldn't meet up, but Melvyn was always around on social media, and fortunately my friend John was able to take him and Caroline flying last autumn in the Tiger Moth (not at the same time...) on what was to be his last flight.

He was a fixture on both the aviation and guitar scenes, and will be missed by a lot of people, including myself.

Blue skies Melv.
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By Rob P
That's sad news.

Blue skies Melvyn.

Rob P
By Highland Park
Rob P wrote:That's sad news.

Blue skies Melvyn.

Rob P

Rob - am I imagining this or did Melvyn deliver a tremendously moving (and funny in equal measure) eulogy at the funeral of Steve Young from the Key Forum fifteen or so years ago?

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By Rob P
I'm trying to remember, but frankly I can't.

However it is certainly something that typically he would do

Rob P
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By TheFarmer
Top bloke, and very sad news.

When I used to frequent Popham for breakfast, almost on a weekly basis for about ten years, he seemed to always be there to have a laugh with.

I’ll never forget the curry that he advertised on the clubhouse wall menu.

“Daily Special
Chicken Tarka”

When asked what Chicken Tarka was, he replied , with his usual comedy enthusiasm ...

‘It’s like Chicken Korma, only ‘otter”

Tailwinds and all the 9’s to you my friend.
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By Hooligan
Very sad news...

I'm pretty certain that he performed commentary duties at Flying Legends for several years a decade or two back, certainly heard him speaking somewhere; knowledgeable, funny, not inclined to waffle and respectful of the need to hear the aeroplane as well.


TheFarmer - Chicken Korma? Shirley you mean Tikka! :lol:
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By CloudHound
For a number of years I did the commentary at the Manchester Air Show and was happy to introduce myself as such.

Then I heard Melvyn and some bloke who used to own my Stinson at a show.

I stopped telling people about my “skill” after that.

Bluer skies, Sir.
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