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Ah, that might explain why I wasn't getting a match between the Auster logo and the wing design you can see on the cowling. Although that could always be a flying club badge, or something.

Another hint (or red herring) from Ian's (and my!) shy friend is that the photo may have been taken in Devon.
Well done indeed! :thumleft:

Chrislea was based at Exeter (the Devon connection) and D. Lowry was a/the test pilot who undertook the first flight of the SkyJeep prototype (G-AKVS) in 1949.
(A bit more Skyjeep history here, from which the image below comes)
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The 1950 air race in question was also entered by Lettice Curtis.

When I bought the Wicko therefore I was not a stranger to air racing, and soon started entering it for air races. The first Air Race in which I entered it was the Goodyear Trophy at Wolverhampton in June 1950 where I was handicapped for a speed of 130mph. It seems likely that this was based on the handicap calculated for Wicko G-AEZZ in the 1937 race when it had a lighter engine. The speed I actually achieved in the first two laps of the 1950 race was 121mph and I was falling so far behind that I retired.

Nice photo of that Skyjeep here:

It's based at Eggesford.
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Paul_Sengupta wrote:I've also received a text from a forumite who says that the trophy is currently in his possession.

I'm guessing the original photo is from the Chrislea works? Does anyone want to let on what the story is behind it?

Our 'shy' friend's neighbour has the picture as his father is in it, and he wanted to know more about it.

Thanks for the top work!