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By Flying_john
I wonder if they will find the remnants of the Rocket launch sites from where they finally left the dying planet to colonise the Earth. Apparently all named Adam and Eve.

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By Dave W
Just seen somebody refer to what happened to the Sky Crane after dropping off Perseverance as "lithobraking". :lol:

Oh, and look - the 20,000km/h parachute fabric came from Devon. :thumleft: :D

And more: An excellent article on the Ingenuity helicopter.
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By nallen
Some of the Ingenuity engineers talking about the design process:

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By Morten
lobstaboy wrote:Weirdly, since photons travel at the speed of light they do not experience time passing (relativity and time dilatation and all that stuff) so to them the journey over hundreds of light years is instantaneous, and they don't 'travel' at all they are just there.
Very odd...

Not quite, I think. Whereas the speed of light through a vacuum is indeed the speed of light c, the speed of light through space, which is not quite a vacuum, is not c. So photons (are they particles or a waveform... Or both? :wink:) are travelling marginally slower than c and it will take them time (in their reference frame) to get anywhere.
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By Miscellaneous
Morten wrote:...are travelling marginally slower than c and it will take them time (in their reference frame) to get anywhere.

As indeed they do through, for example, water, resulting in refraction. :thumright:

As often happens when one types particular words Goggle hears them. Well, either that or it's coincidence this YT video appeared. :? :scratch:

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By Miscellaneous
Mind boggling phenomenal viewing. :D

I can't help but spare a thought for how scientists and cosmologists of days gone by would view such missions.

Newton; maybe okay with the travel and gravity, being more baffled by rockets and confused at the concept of video being beamed back. :D

Galileo; well, it could take some time. But worth the effort. :thumright:

Copernicus; well, maybe best explained as an acknowledgement that he was right in suggesting the Sun is at the centre of the Solar System. And leave it at that. :lol:

Just what does the future hold?

What will the present leaders in their fields miss out on?

An absolute privilege to be witness to this sort of science. Absolutely fantastic that NASA is being so public with the science, no doubt designed to garner public support and secure funding. :thumright:

I mean the sound of the Martian wind at an estimated 5m/s. :? :D
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By Jim Jones
International Rescue we’re doing that back in the 60’s.

Agreed, fantastic stuff, and no steely eyed, square jawed astronaut in sight. Geeks rule. :thumleft:
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