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By vintage ATCO
If you are planning (and hoping!) to fly into Old Warden this year, either for an airshow or at other times, please read AIC Y 002/2021 on the AIS website.

Note there are different arrangements for PPR on airshow days and normal days but even this may change over the course of the year so also check on the website.

Thank you
By ArrowStraight
I heard a horrendous story from an old friend who's an avid aircraft enthusiast, that entry to the museum by road - when re-opened - is to be in the region of £50.

Any idea if this is true and also whether the same level of fee applies by air?
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By Rob P
ArrowStraight wrote:Any idea if this is true

Wouldn't it make more sense to ask this question of your friend who seems to have greater insight than most?

It could, of course, be a mis-hear for the fifteen pound admission clearly displayed on the Shuttleworth website?

Rob P
By ArrowStraight
I can hardly expect a non pilot enthusiast to know about fly in costs, although I did anyway and of course he didn't know.

Hence my post.

Website prices can't be trusted in my experience, except my own.
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By Rob P
Well in recent years there has never been any cost to fly-in to OW on non-airshow days, just the standard museum admission. The Trust's finances must have taken a hit in the last year, so if a twenty or thirty quid landing fee was introduced it wouldn't dissuade me; at that level it is exceptional value.

My preference has always been the evening shows and I wouldn't dream of flying to one of those, far too fraught racing the advancing dusk, especially if the Edwardians are given an outing. And besides, Shuttleworth without Champers? Unthinkable.

Rob P
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