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By mpk
Beat me to it. How about it issues on the 1st of every month with that month as the issue. I'm sure there was one a while back which issued in eg Oct, landing vouchers were Nov, issue was Dec.

Any chance of changing the annoying three column layout now paper version is history? It's infuriating endless scrolling up/down. Can it be done like a written letter even if photos are just put in between paras? Does need to look neat even now it is electronic.
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By Boxkite
mpk wrote:..... How about it issues on the 1st of every month with that month as the issue. ......

There used to be 13 issues, not sure how it will be now, but that's one every 4 weeks.
By mpk
Meant to say above does NOT need to be neat now its electronic. If it stays as 13 a year then just call the extra one summer as normal. Anyway changes on way which is great to hear.
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By TheFarmer
If it really bothers you, I suppose you could always wait until the first day of that month before you read it? :roll:

Ian can call his editions what he likes I suppose. He can call one Steve, or Michelle if he wants.
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By TheFarmer
I would reply Steve, but I know you’re always ready with a sharp retort up your sleeve :wink:
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djtaylor wrote:Page 38 and 39 are the same so what am I missing from the real page 39?
It is there in ISSUU, But not in the iPad app.

OK thanks, will take a look at that.