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riverrock wrote:Out of curiosity - how many CAT and TCAS equipped GA aircraft can show ADS-B only (so not Mode-ACS) traffic? TCAS itself doesn't use ADS-B for collision avoidance, so even if the glider had been carrying a Sky Echo and broadcasting its position on ADS-B (SDA / SIL 0 or 1), would the falcon have been able to see it or be warned about it?

It depends on what they have fitted - CAT with ATSAW/CDTI will see ADS-B, and then other aircraft fitted with ADS-B In like the Avidyne Skytrax 100B ADS-B receiver, or GTX-345R, or other ADS-B In capable products. There are plenty out there.

The nubby issue is whether that kit filters out SDA=1 or not. Some do, some don’t. Hopefully SkyEcho will be SDA=1 authorised soon.
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ls8pilot wrote:
riverrock wrote:Rebate scheme has been extended till September: ... ty-devices

Great news - hopefully Rosetta/FX will be available before too long

Rosetta-FX (Flarm eXtender)
Well here it is (prototype enclosure) 10cm x 5cm
Shown connected to existing FLARM Device, this will extend capabilities to provide a comprehensive and feature rich set of Electronic Conspicuity Capabilities :-
- PilotAware In/Out
- ADS-B In
- - Traffic (Mode-S/3D, Fanet+, OGN)
- - Metar
- External / Local Antenna support
- FLARM Display In/Out
- AirCrew Display In/Out
- WiFi to Navigation Display
- RS232 to Transponder
- RS232 to Panel Display (MGL, Dynon, etc)
- Data Logger

(AirGrid Enabled)

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Cub wrote:On the basis that Australia requires SDA = 1 and that SkyEcho conforms to that standard and that the CAA have indicated they intend to change CAP 1391 to allow SDA = 1, we have set the default on all SkyEchos shipped to SDA = 1. In the meantime, clear instructions for new purchasers in UK as to how to change that integrity value, should they feel the need to, are contained within the manual.

As an otherwise satisfied SkyEcho 2 customer, I'm concerned by this statement. As you point out, fhe latest revision of the manual reads:

In the UK, SDA=0 is required to be transmitted
In Australia, SDA=1 is required to be transmitted

Why would you change the default for units shipped to the UK? Why not wait until the CAA have updated CAP 1391 as they have promised? Most of us aren't allowed to fly at the moment, so why the rush?
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As there is no difference between the units, then I guess that they need to choose one or the other? Either way, you should be checking that your device is configured correctly prior to each flight anyway. Also, on first set up you are required to check it has been correctly configured and that would include SDA. :thumright:
That's excellent news. I shall change my SE2 tonight, and the concerns about default settings on newer units have disappeared. :thumleft:

(Pedantically - you know me :D - it's "TSO-C199 Class B" for a Traffic Awareness Beacon System (TABS) and Section 5 of the SE2 manual confirms it meets those performance requirements).
xtophe wrote:New issue of CAP1391 fresh of the press allowing SDA=1 for TABS Class B
position source ... il&id=7275

And a hint of another issue at the end of the year with more changes

That's great news. I hadn't got round to updating the firmware on my SkyEcho 2 yet (no rush since I haven't been able to fly since October), so I shall do so forthwith and change the settings to SDA=1.

Thanks to both the CAA and to uAvonix.
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